Eloping to get married has become the norm where two people in love run away to tie the knot in a private affair. Elopement weddings are cost effective and give the couple a chance to express themselves and get more romantic. The whole idea of an elopement is extremely thrilling and therefore more and more couples are opting for it these days. While there are a few couples who elope to get married and just tell their family and friends after the ceremony, there are some who like to throw a post elopement party to celebrate being newlyweds among their family and friends. A post elopement party is different for different couples who can choose to organize it whenever they want to. The elopement party can be a grand one or a simple one according to the couple’s choice. Here is how you can plan a post elopement party.

Announce your elopement before eloping

Announcing your plans to elope is better because that will ensure that people don’t get hurt or feel excluded by getting to know about your elopement after it is done. Hearing it from you will be much better than hearing it from someone else. This way when you invite them for an elopement celebration, it is less likely for your family and friends to feel that they were only invited to be a part of the after party.

Send out invites

A post elopement party isn’t as grand as a traditional wedding celebration. Therefore, send out invites to your family and friends for your post elopement party along with a picture from your elopement ceremony clicked by your California elopement photographer. Don’t forget to mention that you are already married or else some might confuse it for an actual wedding invitation.

Pick a Date and Venue

Deciding when to throw a post elopement party is entirely up to the couple. If they want they can have a party a few days after the elopement ceremony or choose to have one a year later on their first anniversary. Speak to your spouse and decide on a date to send out invitations accordingly. Also, select a venue of your choice. The best part about a post elopement party is that it’s not a traditional wedding sit down dinner so you have the flexibility of choosing a location and planning the party the way you want to. You can have a grand celebration at a restaurant or just have a small garden party along with a family style meal.

Have a good time

At the end of the day, a post elopement party is a gathering where people will be celebrating you as newlyweds. So have a good time and make sure that your guests are enjoying as well. Hire a musician or a DJ if it suits your taste, wear your wedding dress for a second time, organize some fun games and make a presentation of your California elopement or share pictures of the same with your guests.

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