You cannot help others unless you help yourself first. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, mental health and wellness has gone down drastically. Whether you are stuck inside working from home day in and day out, or if you are on the front lines dealing with an unimaginable amount of stress. 

You can try to keep organized and push through to accomplish tasks, but at what cost does it come at running yourself into the ground and ignoring your own wellness. Your own mental health and well-being needs to be at its best in order to be productive. Unfortunately, many people fall short of taking care of themselves and doing simple daily checks about feelings or state of mind. Thus, the Day by Daybook was born. 

The Day by Daybook is a combination journal and planner. Effectively using this book is like having a motivational coach right there with you checking in everyday to not only see what you are accomplishing, but how you feel about it. 

Being able to write and get your words and feelings out on paper is a great stress reliever and a form of catharsis. By physically writing down your feelings or thoughts on paper, you are getting them out of your head and taking ownership of how you are feeling. Being able to look back and self-reflect on those recorded thoughts and feelings can help you push through to another day as well as learn from your past. 

Once you start recording your daily habits along with your moods or thoughts, you may realize these all play a larger part into your productivity than you think. By journaling and tracking multiple factors of your well-being throughout your day, you can find correlations and use that to better yourself.  

Noelle Van Vlierbergen created the Day by Daybook because she had struggled with her own recovery. She knew the power of writing and journaling and she wanted to help others along their road to recovery as well. What started as a planner and journal to help those with addictions, morphed into a guided path that others could benefit from as well. Noelle is proud to provide a product that “puts well-being ahead of productivity.”

The Day by Daybook is truly the first of its kind. Different versions of this book are offered depending on what kind of experience you are looking for. The idea originally started with creating the Recovery Daybook. This specific book was designed to help those struggling with an addiction or who are currently in treatment. The Recovery Daybook allows you to track your challenging days and your wins throughout your journey, as well as tracking your rituals, and mood. 

The two other versions of the Day by Daybook include the Classic and Teen. The Classic Daybook would be perfect for anyone in a hard life transition or especially healthcare workers trying to juggle their busy days and mental health all at once. The Teen Daybook was specifically designed for surviving those dreaded teenage years and facing challenges while learning who you are in the world. 

The Day by Daybook gives you an opportunity to take control of your own life again with journaling and organization. Learn to put yourself first and just take it day by day. Day by Daybooks are available at

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