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Criminal offense is a serious matter. Especially in today’s security-obsessed world, it’s almost impossible to carry on a normal life with a tag for a criminal charges on your back. No matter where you go, you will be asked for a criminal record check and this includes professional, as well as, voluntary and personal life. Not to say that the consequences are the same, even if you are being charged for a minor offense. 

That’s the reason why the first advice for any person being charged with a criminal offense is to hire the services of a professional criminal lawyer Brampton. Honestly, this is a piece of universal advice and undoubtedly one with significant weight. Your professional criminal lawyer Brampton will act as your respondent, communicator, advisor, navigator and legal consultant guiding you through the complex legal justice system.

But do you have another option?


Honestly, when we say that hiring a criminal lawyer Brampton is the best advice someone can give you, it doesn’t anywhere mean that you are obliged to hire one. In fact, every Canadian national has the right to represent themselves in front of the court. The only thing that matters is your level of understanding and awareness for that matter. 

So, if you think you don’t need a criminal lawyer Brampton to represent you or don’t have the required resources to hire one, read on…

Below we have to bring you brief and precise information about what you should know when you decide to represent yourself in the courtroom and if that’s a wise decision to make.

Representing Yourself

While hiring a professional criminal lawyer is definitely the top recommendation you would get from most people, there isn’t any lack of people to actually recommend representing yourself. Now, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy in any sense, rather it’s an incredibly tricky job to do. In fact, ask lawyers if they would consider representing themselves and most of them will say “No”.

Now, we aren’t discouraging you, but actually getting you mentally prepared for the challenges which you may fact in the process.

So, the first thing that you need to have is an excellent understanding of the justice system and the way it proceeds. Moreover, you need an intimate understanding of the way arguments are made or evidence are submitted in the courtroom. Last but not least, you should have the ability to submit all required information to the courtroom in a neutral (unbiased) manner. 

So, essentially in a nutshell, you need to keep in view all these important points plus the stressful decorum of the courtroom and lack of legal training, pretty big challenge, right?

Criminal Cases

Now, there are two broad types of court cases including:

  • Criminal cases
  • Civil cases

Civil cases are the most common types of cases, often times petty in nature involving any sort of disagreement between the two parties. Most of the time such cases end-up in lawsuit filing at the most. Contrarily, criminal cases are more complex and serious in nature. These cases are filed when a person is being prosecuted for breaking a law and in most cases involve an arrest.

Every Canadian national who has been charged with a criminal offense does get a free legal representation, so any person who can’t afford a private Criminal lawyer Mississauga or Brampton isn’t left out. However, such attorneys offered by the government often are too consumed with multiple cases to offer any serious assistance to the defendant. However, they could prove to be a great resource when you are looking to represent yourself in the courtroom (you can ask them for assistance in legal procedures).

Do you think you are ready to represent yourself in the courtroom?

There you have it. Everything you need to know about representing yourself. The final choice rests with you and your resources. In the end, your choice will influence your entire life, so be sure about your choice or you may end up regretting this one decision the entire life.

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