It is normal to feel apprehensive and anxious before undergoing an operation, however big or small of a process it could be.

Despite understanding that the physician performs this operation several times per day, it is often hard to relax and comfort yourself. Whether you dread the outcome of the surgery or being under anesthesia, or just fret about potential complications, then it is understandable that you may feel anything but calm before the medical procedure.

You could have these questions if anxiety overwhelms you before your upcoming surgery:

● How can you know whether anxiety and stress are surgery-related?

● Is there something you can do about your anxieties before the surgery?

What’s Surgery-Related Anxiety and Fear?

Most men and women feel some level of hesitation or doubt before undergoing surgery. If the feelings go beyond just being a bit tense or nervous about surgery, then it may be surgical anxiety. Actually, there is an appropriate term for surgical anxiety. The medical term for this kind of anxiety is Tomophobia, which means the “fear of surgery.”

Other medical-associated fears include Nosocomephobia which translates to “fear of hospitals,” and Pharmacophobia which means “fear of medicine.”

There are a few methods or techniques you can do to assist you in calming your nerves before an operation. We compiled a listing of the top five things which you can do to stay calm while waiting for your upcoming surgery. You can do this whether you are in the comfort of your own home, in the clinic or outside and about.

  1. Learn or Study The Procedure

Frequently, the fear of the unknown may trigger or manipulate your nervousness and stress you out even more.

Speak to an advisor, consultant or an expert online where you will have the ability to assemble a better understanding or comprehension of the process and know what to expect later.

There are quite a few online medical forums where patients may discuss procedures with those who have been through them. This can help relax and ease the tension on your nerves. Furthermore, it can help you to acquire a better comprehension of the operation you are about to go through.

  1. Talk About Your Anxieties And Fears

Discussing your fears and anxieties can make it feel like a massive burden has been lifted.

A lot of individuals tend to believe that their fears are absurd and consequently might not have the guts to talk about them with different people but it’s extremely important to see that no anxiety is silly.

By conversing with your family and friends, it’s important to also share your feelings of nervousness or anxiety. They’re your best support system and discussing these matters with them may help you feel calmer and more at ease about the upcoming surgery.

In case you have any queries; write down them then talk to your doctor who can also help calm your mind and reassure you.

  1. Exercise Relaxation Techniques

There are relaxation methods or techniques that can help keep you calm if you are naturally prone to stress and anxieties. A common technique is to practice regular breathing exercises and meditation which can greatly minimize your stress levels, bringing your breathing to a normal pace and lowering your blood pressure. Breathing and meditation are helpful when fighting anxiety. So, when you feel a bit stressed, try some meditation and breathing exercises to ease your nerves.

  1. Keep Busy


If you are due for surgery that can leave you temporarily unavailable for a couple of days or months, then it is essential that you prepare to prevent any stress. Take your mind off things by keeping yourself busy.

Cleaning your home is the most apparent type of keeping yourself busy before the surgery. It also depends on how much a heavy clean you are ready to do.

Cooking is another method of keeping yourself busy before the surgery. Whether you understand you will not have the ability to cook for a couple of days or months, preparing foods can make your post-surgery life simpler and stress-free.

Organise the needs of your family; if you cannot drive after the surgery and you have kids, you might have to request someone to fetch them from school. It also may be a good idea to prepare notes for your partner about schedules on taking the garbage out, preparing food and doing grocery shopping. All this planning can help keep you busy before the surgery.

  1. Distract Yourself

When you are left alone with your thoughts, it is quite easy to let your imagination get the best of you. Distraction methods can help take your mind off the forthcoming surgery and keep you busy or distracted; this may be a couple of days prior to the procedure or while waiting to enter the operating room.


Each of these things can help take your head someplace else and should ideally reduce your stress and anxiety about your upcoming surgery. In many cases, the surgery is unavoidable and remaining calm about it will most likely help your health in the long run.

Author Bio: Jessica Wilson is a professional health expert who works for some major health industry giants. She currently writes for Membersown and is dedicated to helping people learn more about health related topics along the journey. When she’s not a health advocate, she enjoys some down time traveling or talking with family.

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