NAPLAN is the National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy. These tests are conducted in Australia for the students’ benefit to determine their educational outcomes. It is an annual national assessment conducted for all the students nationwide for grades 3, 5, 7 and 9. The test evaluates them on a Literacy and Numeracy basis, which provides valuable data essential for the initial improvements in student learning. Preparing and tutoring your child for these exams will help them do well and increase their confidence level on the day of the test. If you are worried about the results of their tests, you must definitely get them into a NAPLAN tutoring program that helps them learn better.

The Importance of NAPLAN

  • The results of these tests can ultimately show the place of a student in their class.
  • Their level of understanding concepts can be monitored.
  • Their learning capacity and the things they know about can be tested.
  • Their performance compared to the other children nationwide is found out.
  • It helps find the students who are underperforming and need extra help at school.
  • It makes it possible to ensure that they don’t fall behind in literacy and numeracy.
  • It tests the essential skills needed for all the students to progress through life and school.
  • The tests provide feedback on the various success and failures of educational programs and outcomes. If the overall scores are strong, they indicate that the particular program is working. But if not, they might need a change in the curriculum.

NAPLAN Tutoring

The test is done only once in two years, but it’s very important to prepare for this as it tests the students in their reading, writing, language conventions and numeracy. The numerous advantages of NAPLAN tutoring include:

  • They will help your children with the areas that they are struggling with.
  • They will create a learning plan that suits your child and help them improve in those areas.
  • Effective methods are brought up to teach them what they don’t know instead of wasting time on the topics they already know.
  • They will get a wide outlook on the curriculum, which helps them understand better.
  • They tutor your child not only for the sake of the test but also to help them learn the concepts they lack in life.
  • There will be practice rounds and tests conducted to increase the students’ concentration and confidence for the actual test.
  • The tests majorly give insights about how the students are actually progressing through the classes.
  • The subjects and notes used for tutoring are based on the Australian curriculum. Students with a good understanding of these topics are usually well prepared for the NAPLAN.

The purpose of these tests is to help every child benefit from their classes to learn the basics and be well prepared for the exam that helps them get a good score. The tests are not mandatory. Parents have the right to decide whether or not their child is participating. But the majority of the students from classes 3, 5, 7 and 9 do participate.

Thus preparing your child for NAPLAN will help them on an overall basis by a quick assessment of their level of learning. It is more efficient as it helps identify the topics they are struggling with and makes it less scary for them.

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