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Home Decor: How To Turn Your New House Into A Home

Your new house won’t look like something right out of your dreams, so you’ll have to put an effort to do it yourself. This is not a trouble for most of the people since there’s something great in being able to decorate and create your own space.

What it’ll require are patience and some useful tricks to do it in the least stressful and the best possible way you can.

  1. Know your style

One of the best ways to see what will meet your needs is to observe the design of your friends’ homes. This will let you feel the styles they integrated and functionality of the space. But another great way is to visit home design fairs and exhibits, look through the stores and, of course, check the trends recommended by the designers. Before doing any of this, you know what kind of feel and environment you want to obtain, so concentrate on that. For the past two years, natural materials were highly suggested and promoted by the most prominent names in the home design field.

Stone tiles, bare brick walls, wooden ceilings and marble countertops are only some of the elements appearing on the today’s interior design scene. Another interesting design is minimalist and especially popular these days is the Scandinavian one. If you want a modern, and yet comfortable style, have a look at some more daring solutions like including Zen garden in the living room area or turning your entryway into the peaceful cascading water exhibit.

  1. Choose the colors

Color is something no one can do without. Even the apparent absence of one is actually just our perception of white. You can use different color inside and out of your house, but make sure that you respect some basic principles of harmony and contrast. Another feature you can use is the patterned elements, from decorations to wallpaper. It will add some lavishness and class to your overall décor and make it more interesting. Also, don’t forget to personalize the patio, garden and backyard with colors and join them to your house. Even your doors and windows can get out of the comfort zone and be a little colorful.

When it comes to shades, it’s all about being natural or bold this season. You can keep it woody and peaceful with pastel tones, or you can add some magenta or greenery to refresh the ambiance or use dark tones to highlight the elegance and class.

  1. Something old, something new

The new house doesn’t mean that you can’t use some of your old belongings or even buy a few antique and vintage pieces to create a comfy and homey environment you crave for. Even building an old-fashioned fireplace can add warmth to the room and bronze faucets and fixtures will appeal to the familiarity of the place. But make sure you don’t mix the antiquely styled home with integrating a few vintage elements into the design because that will create a chaotic and mismatched design which will soon tire you and create a need for another decorating endeavor.

  1. Adjust the light

Good light is an imperative for any home. There are even few tricks how to achieve this if you have small windows or less sun during the day with positioning mirrors in right places around the room. Another neat trick is using color to brighten the place up and premium curtains to take care of too much of it. When it comes to light, it’s all about the balance and right angles since you don’t want it to reveal too much or not show enough.

  1. Furnish your home

How you furnish your home will determine how you are going to experience the space. The furniture shouldn’t be in your way and clutter the house since then it becomes a nuisance and loses its functionality. If you have a small home, check out the multifunctional furniture which is a practical and budget-friendly way to save your space. If there is a possibility to hire a carpenter and build your own furniture or sets, consider this as a better option since then everything will be adapted to your space, preferences, and needs. This way you can also choose the materials and even design your own pieces, or adapt something you saw in magazines or online.

In the end

We all have a dream home in mind when we think about the future, and with it comes a huge responsibility not to crumble that idea with bad taste or mismatched designs. In the end, the most important task we have when turning our house into a home is to not lose what it represents to us.

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