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It’s always a bit of a gamble when decorating your home. It’s either going to look fabulous and be trendy for years to come, or it’s going to date your living spaces very swiftly. We’ve done a little research on what you can expect for 2018 to give you a headstart on the upcoming trends and let you know which classics are making a comeback.

Go big or go home

Think gorgeous, puffy, luxurious furniture – that couch you can’t wait to sink into when you get home, or your grand upholstered bedhead that gobbles up the wall. It’s all about over-sized furniture to create a decadent feel to your home without being gaudy or overbearing.

Plush and inviting will meet practicality in 2018, with storage drawers getting bigger to fit all of your knick-knacks. Whether it’s in the bathroom or in the kitchen, deeper drawers are a trend that’s here to stay. Following that same path, kitchen sinks will become wider and a more focal point of the space, channeling an industrial feel that’s been pervasively popular since 2016.

Down to earth – go organic

As the world’s attention shifts towards a more sustainable future, we’re going to see earthy tones and organic materials become more popular. Terracotta, verdant green and rusty red tones will dominate the palette, broken up by organic material used for raw, natural features. Dark woods, timber and concrete will make for the centre of attention – they’ll be used for feature walls in bathrooms and in kitchens with splashbacks or islands to draw the eye.

go organic
go organic

In the spirit of getting back to basics, a minimalistic approach will be taken to living spaces. Open layouts and airy spaces with lots of natural light will compliment your overall organic ambience, open shelves and bookcases will be a staple. When it comes to trends in kitchen interiors, cabinets and kitchen appliances such as ovens and microwaves will no longer be built upwards, but drawn down under the counters to free up walls above the bench line. In keeping with the simplicity, geometric patterns will be too busy so instead you’ll see organic designs, such as subtle watercolour wallpapers in neutral tones and metallic brass fixtures to offset the more earthy hues. Stay away from copper as we’ll be leaving that behind in 2017.

Keeping it simple

Let’s face it, black and white will never go out of style and 2018 will be no different. However, it’s looking like this classic trend will be paired with a funky addition. It’s predicted that pops of vibrant colour will be all the rage, but keep it subtle! Whether it’s a ‘Millennial pink’ cushion here, or an azure vase there – you’ll be able to add your favourite colours to the mix to accent the palette in your home.

And lovers of all things shiny can rejoice because iridescence will be making an appearance. Just the same with your pops of colour, don’t go for anything too overwhelming. A feature wall of tiles in the bathroom or some nice trinkets on top of the night stand will do the trick.

Let’s get the renovation started

Sometimes it can be tricky to decide which interior design may be the best for you and your family. Many factors would need to be taken into consideration, from aesthetics appeal to property values. It’s always helpful to get a second opinion from an experienced interior designer before going straight into purchasing and decorating.

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