Use the Gift Card in Business

A gift card is a prepaid card that is allocated a sum of money limited in time to be used in one or more brands. It comes precisely to replace the gift voucher. Corporate gift cards are offered to employees as part of social and cultural activities. They are allocated by the social and economic committee (CSE) or directly by the employer.

Giving gifts, whatever they are, is a great gesture, but it can seem superficial if a reflection does not accompany it. This is why it is important to give your employees adapted and unique offers. These kinds of corporate gifts increase the loyalty of employees toward the company.

It is expected that by the end of the year 2027, the global gift card market will hit $1922.87 billion.

Types of Corporate Gift Cards

Single-brand gift card: As its name suggests, the single-brand gift card can be used in a single brand. For example, it can only be used at Amazon.

Multi-brand gift card: The multi-brand gift card means that the beneficiary can indulge himself on an extensive network of brands selected by the card issuer. For example, it can be used at Amazon, but also at Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.

How to use the gift card in business?

Personalize your message

A unique appreciation can accompany any award. In other words, you can attach a thank you note to the gift card related to the reason for the reward.

By choosing to offer gift cards with Gift Card Granny, you also benefit from the ease of management and monitoring within a modern and intuitive interface. On the employee side, you simplify the use of their gifts via a secure and straightforward application.

Opt for adapted and unique offers

Several perks are in vogue right now, and your employees are sure to like them. Among them, we find in particular streaming platforms like Netflix or Shopify. The area of ​​well-being is also increasingly popular. Why not innovate by offering a day at the spa to those who like to be pampered at the weekend and who need to regain energy?  As a manager or member of the company’s social and economic committee, many choices of gifts are available to you. So, consider aligning your gift card offers with the values ​​of your business.

Finally, you can combine your gift cards with another explicit reward to maximize the recognition impact. For example, a gift card can be accompanied by a bonus or an increase.

Are you a company director or elected CSE? Do you want to improve your employees’ lives and reward them for their work? Gift Card Granny helps you with its modern and new generation solution. The platform offers you a dematerialized e-card that adapts to your corporate culture and your budget through a rich and varied new generation ticketing system. There is no minimum amount; you please your employees whatever your spending wishes.

Winding Up

In a nutshell, make sure that each gift card’s value matches the expectations of the stores. You might disappoint more than one if they realize that they can’t make an interesting purchase in a store, even with a gift card. In case you run out of ideas, multi-brand gift cards are here to save your money. These offer the beneficiaries the possibility to spend them wherever they want.


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