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Anyone willing to display even a modicum of intellectual honesty, and who pays attention, will readily admit to you that the mainstream media in America, is biased against conservatives, specifically, the Republicans. If there was even a sliver of doubt left during the 2016 campaign, then no doubt this Fox News article from back in October should have eliminated that. Indeed, a media outlet had gone out of it’s way to make sure the Clinton campaign was okay with an article it’s journalist was preparing. However, I believe we have officially come to a new low in media coverage, post-election. Yeah, I didn’t really think that was possible, either, given how preposterous much of the coverage is, across all platforms (Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, even You see, ever since Donald Trump won the election, officially achieving President-Elect status, his transition team has been hard at work to fill thousands (literally) of jobs to hit the ground running on January 20th. And, the coverage by the left-wing media, has been nothing short of atrocious. Every time you look, MSNBC and CNN are running another story about Steve Bannon’s ties to the alt-right, Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and attempting to make Trump out to be a white supremacist de facto. For those who may be unaware, Mr. Bannon was the guy in charge at, was hired by Trump to be his campaign CEO, and is now going to be his White House Chief Strategist. Check out just a few links: Now, I want to make 1 thing perfectly clear – I have my reservations regarding Steve Bannon. I’ve heard good things about him, and, clearly, lots of bad things. I’m not here to give him my endorsement. But, there is a real problem that I have been working for the last week or so, to figure out precisely how to describe Here it is – the Democrats are in disarray after an incredibly disappointing election night for them. They lost the White House, failed to take back the Senate, failed to make any significant inroads with the House, and lost 3 state Gubernatorial races where they had control (Missouri, New Hampshire, Vermont). One would think that a party would come away from such a lousy election night result with the knowledge of having to recalibrate, and go in a new direction. After all, the Democrats did so poorly, in comparison with what was expected, because they lost blue collar workers, and did exceptionally bad across the rust belt. How have the Democrats responded? If you guessed “by moderating their message to appeal to those that voted for Trump”, you’d be……wrong. According to this article by the Washington Post, incoming Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer (D-NY), is supporting Keith Ellison to be the new DNC Chairman. Why is this important? In this article from 2006 by the Weekly Standard’s Scott W. Johnson, he outlines several skeletons in Mr. Ellison’s closet, including his support of Louis Farrakhan, the founder of the Nation of Islam, as well as numerous examples of his harbored anti-Semitism. In this article from 2014, Mr. Johnson outlines Congressman Ellison’s revisionist history. And, in this Star Tribune article from 2014, Mr. Johnson once again acknowledges Congressman Ellison’s revisionist history. Clearly, until Mr. Ellison is elected DNC Chairman, any speculation as to whether he will lead the DNC next year, is just that. Regardless, such an election of Mr. Ellison to said post, would comport well with the Democratic party. After all, it’s the Democratic party that booed God at the 2012 DNC, and it was outside of the DNC in 2016 where the Palestinian flag was flown. So, it would be fitting to have a Muslim DNC Chairman, with an anti-semitic history. Add to this that the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, is supporting him, and it would seem unlikely that he’ll lose. The real problem, however, isn’t whether Steve Bannon is a white nationalist who supports Neo-Nazis, or whether or not the DNC chooses a Muslim who may or may not support the Nation of Islam. The problem is, in the total lack of media coverage on the latter subject. Try Googling “Keith Ellison Nation of Islam CNN”, or “Keith Ellison Nation of Islam MSNBC”, and see what you come up with. I can’t find ANYTHING. Turn on CNN and MSNBC during the day, and keep track of how much time is devoted to Keith Ellison’s history with the Nation of Islam; I’m STILL waiting for a story on the matter. In the United States, people of all faiths, creeds, races, genders, sexual preferences, lifestyles and professions, have an equal right to serve in whatever capacity they are allotted. If you’re okay with what you know of Mr. Ellison, and him being the head of the Democratic party, all the power to you. It’s disgraceful and embarrassing, however, how derelict the mainstream media has been, in it’s duty to keep the American people informed. If the media is at all interested in repairing its image in the eyes of the average American voter, it is most certainly doing a lousy job of showing it. The morning after the election, CNN and MSNBC did their own autopsy reports on how they got the election wrong, and talking about the need to look within to fix the problem. My suggestion to them both – keep trying. You have a LONG way to go.

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