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beautiful wall painting
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Ideas for beautiful wall painting in Switzerland


November 18, 2020

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beautiful wall painting can enhance the aesthetic value of a space and it is quite simple to do. You don’t need to purchase expensive artworks or sweat out while sticking the wallpaper. A wall painting can make a plain wall look great and a plus for home décor. There could be a wall that is plain or a room that may need some sprucing some, in both these scenarios, adding some colours to the barren wall would give spectacular results. Now when painting walls you could build on your strengths – choosing designs that can be done with a free hand or depending on stencils. Here is a list of ideas for wall paintings.

Ombre wall

Ombre wall paintings can make a space look fresh and open. This paint treatment is a technique in which one paint colour melts into another. Ombre was quite a trend for dresses a while back as the colour effects are dreamy. It creates a spectrum between the two colours and it involves blending. The technique is simple but involves some idea of blending and the type of colours to use. The proper effect needs three graduated colours, where you start with the deepest and finish with the lightest. Choose colours that can blend easily – for example, orange and yellow for a subtle effect and blue red for a more dramatic effect.

3D design

3D designs are those which can create a three-dimensional effect on your wall. A flat plain wall can look brilliant with a 3D painting. A 3D effect is quite easy to create if you know how to use simple designs. Try stenciling the pattern on the wall and then use paints to achieve a 3D effect. 3D is nothing but an optical illusion and most patterns can be made into 3D drawings. Patterns such as fish scales or brick walls can be created by adding paints to the borders in a particular manner. One can use spray paints or wall paints to achieve the desired effect. If you are unsure about how to do this, because it requires some level of skill, try professionals. Lemon Home is a start up by Sonja who takes all round home improvement work in Basel, Switzerland. Professionals can renovate and paint walls better with the requisite skill. Visit their Lemon Home Instagram page to have a look at her work and decide if you may need her assistance.

beautiful wall painting
Home renovation completed by Lemon Home in Switzerland.

Geometric pattern

Colourful geometric designs on the wall can create a lot of positive energy. The bold strokes and colours can completely change how you look at a space. The vibes can be dynamic to create a snazzier look. Triangles, circles and arches, there are multiple geometrical shapes to choose from. You could choose one shape and stick with it or use more than one to paint designs on the wall. The designs will not only add personality but make the room look a little whimsical as well.

Mountain and tree

Adding mountain peaks to the wall in shades of grey, blue or purple is great for personal rooms. Children specifically will love such designs on their walls. Trees, vines and flowers can be painted on walls to make for an interactive setting. Often young children’s nurseries have walls decorated with cute cartoons and animals. These can be painted quite easily on walls. Some even have painted trees with spaces for pictures, making a picture painted wall. Such designs can make a beautiful wall painting look easy.

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