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What Is The Impact And Importance Of Car Log Book Servicing

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A car logbook service is one of the best ways to ensure that the car stays in good condition and continues to perform well. However, several myths surround the service factor, and consumers must know that they can get the car serviced from any authorized service center or mechanic, to keep the warranty intact when the car is new, and preserve the resale value in future. The only necessity to do a logbook servicing is to ensure that the person servicing is authorized and certified to do so.

Car Log Book

# What is a Car Log Book Service?

In new cars, there is a logbook, which contains valuable information about the car, like the optimum conditions for servicing, things to check, tools required, points to note, and so on. This also provides a table, where the mechanic will record the date and finding, the work done, etc. When such a car logbook is maintained with every service along with a proper stamp of the authorized service center or mechanic, then the car is deemed to be well maintained. This has some major benefits and they are as follows:

  • The car’s warranty stays intact till it naturally expires
  • The car stays in a great health and shape
  • The car performs well as desired
  • The re-sale value of the car is preserved, and the owner may get a good value on selling it
  • Claiming Insurance gets easier with proof of work done on the car through the logbook and the invoice of authorized mechanic

The log book servicing is one of the best and ideal methods of service. That’s because the car is checked by abiding to all the norms and point checks which the manufacturer company mentions on the log book. Thus, whatever is ideal in theory is done practically with every check, ensuring total compatibility with the car’s make and model. Thus, it is enhancing the chances of optimum performance.

# How to Get the Car a Log Book Servicing

Getting a log book servicing for the car is easy. You will have to find a service station or a mechanic, who is certified and registered to do a log book servicing. The certification is in no way brand specific, and whatever company, make and model your car is, if the mechanic is authorized to do the job, your car will be safe in his hands.

# Stamping is Essential in Log Book Car Servicing

Whenever you get the car, log book serviced, you must tell your service center or mechanic to stamp it with their registration no, so that in future when the log book is evaluated by a reselling agent, prospective buyer or the insurance company, then records can be matched and found easily.

Log Book Service

# Warranty Protection

One of the best ways to protect the car’s warranty, and keeping the car safe is to get the car always log book serviced. However, if you are lured by promises of cheap car servicing and repairs, and chosen an authorized mechanic, then the warranty goes void, and the next time things go wrong you won’t get a part replacement or free repair by the authorized service center of the manufacturer. Remember that you may also be lured with fake promises that the service station has authority to do a log book check. Hence, to ensure this, you must check online for their review. What old customers have to say about them?

# When is the Log Book Servicing Most Valuable

When your car is new, and the warranty is intact, then it’s most important to get every servicing done as per log book. However, if you plan to sell the car after a few years of use, then you should stick to the log book servicing only to fetch a good return from the car later.

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