Businesses are mainly engrossed in their sales, profits/losses, and other operations that many times they do not apply for the tax return. Many business owners do not know much about this sales tax filing and the process done for it. Tax returns filing is a yearly activity seen as the social and moral duty of every person living in this country. It’s the basis for our government to decide the amount & ways of expenditure and offers the platform for assessing the claim refund, among various other types of relief.

What’s a business tax return?

The business tax return is the income tax return. This return is nothing but the statement of income & expenditure of every business.

Tax paid on profits done by you will be declared in the return. And this has complete details of your assets as well as liabilities held by your business. Certain items like debtors, fixed assets, and creditors of the business, loans are taken as well as loans were provided are declared in this document.

Important of Filing Sales Tax Return for Professionals and Businesses

Helps businesses to get the government tenders

Suppose you’re having a construction business and have contractor hiring business, you will earn a bit of credibility with the government when you file a tax return. The government may also hire your business operations for their projects.

Carry Forward Loss

Every business incurs some kind of loss. Suppose you have incurred any capital losses, you will adjust it against your income under the “Profit & Gains of Business & Profession” category. When filing your tax return, you will carry forward the losses for over 8 consecutive years. But, this option can’t get availed unless the annual tax return gets filed. It means in the subsequent years to decrease the amount of the taxes payable, you may carry forward your past losses and offset your earnings.

Tax filing means you are responsible

It is a mandate by the government that people who are earning the specified annual income should file the tax return within the pre-determined date. Tax as calculated should be paid by an individual. Any failure to pay this tax may invite penalties from Income Tax Department. People who earn lesser than their prescribed income level will file tax returns voluntarily. Filing tax returns is a sign that you’re a responsible person. Not only that, it makes it simpler for businesses and individuals to enter in the subsequent transactions as their income will be recorded by the government department with the applicable tax are paid.

Avoids Any Penalty & Prosecution

Being a business owner you need to know that tax filing is very important as you may attract higher penalties in case you fail doing so. Also, there are late filing penalties, which will be levied if you fail in filing the tax returns at right time. Thus, ensure you file the taxes on time in case you don’t want to get penalized. Try to avoid evading filing taxes as it won’t help you out.

Helps to apply for a loan

Suppose you are paying taxes & apply for the tax return, it may look very good on the profile and your business. Thus, you will not have any kind of problem applying for the loan in case you have any kind of credibility from the government by paying the taxes.

Filing returns is compulsory in certain cases

Even though your income level doesn’t qualify for the filing of the mandatory return, still is good to voluntarily file returns. Tax returns filing makes it simple to register any transaction.

High-Value Investments 

Some high-value investments like buying a house will be reported to the IT department. So, when you are paying taxes & file returns, such transactions will be reported & substantiated as per the income.

Final Words

Like you can see, there’re a lot of benefits of income tax return filing as well as paying income tax. You need to play your role when it comes to building our nation and experience other benefits that are given above by knowing your tax liabilities as well as paying them at right time. In case if you find it complex then there are many advisors or even tax filing softwares that can do that work for you.


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