How to help a Friend with Drug Addiction?

Helping your friend who’s struggling with substance use is not a simple task, and there is not any magic formula, which can get your friend to stop using. But, in today’s post, we will look at a few suggestions on how you can help your friend to get the right treatment for the addiction: Continue reading How to help a Friend with Drug Addiction?

What Are the Duties of a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers represent their clients who complain about physical & psychological injuries due to the negligence acts of someone else, whether it is a company or a person. Injury claims come under tort law, however, many people do not fully understand the role of the injury claim attorney. Here, we are going to discuss some important roles of the lawyer in injury claim that will help you to understand how a personal injury lawyer will help you in your struggle for justice when you’re injured. In today’s post, we will look at the duties of personal injury and why you must hire them for your case. Continue reading What Are the Duties of a Personal Injury Lawyer?

7 Money Management Tips for Self-Employed

Being self-employed offers many benefits that include independence and flexibility. But at the same time, you have to manage your finances responsibly, pay your taxes as well as you might not have a steady flow of income. But, help is always available to you! Follow the given 7 money management tips and you will be on a right track to managing your money rightly and you might need to apply for self employed loans to run your business. Continue reading 7 Money Management Tips for Self-Employed

$1000 Scholarship with Nancy Etz

Now and then you can see students with scholarships. Scholarships are not easy to get, you need to work hard for it. Mostly students in need of financial aid for their college dreams, apply for scholarships. Also, those who want to be independent, and not depend on their parents for their college fees. Continue reading $1000 Scholarship with Nancy Etz

Doctor Frank Roach Views on Treatments for Tooth Decay

If you think that you have tooth decay, then please don’t try to use home remedies here and go straight to your dentist. Problems such as tooth decay or cavities cannot be solved at home. Tooth decay is a damaged area in your teeth which can then lead to developing tiny holes in your tooth which are called cavities. Tooth decay can be caused due to bacteria, snacking, drinking sugaring drinks, or eating sugary items and poor teeth cleaning. Dr. Frank Roach says that sometimes there might not be any symptoms of tooth decay which you can notice. But then cavities might develop in your teeth and the untreated cavities can lead to toothache, infection in your teeth, and tooth loss.


Dentists detect tooth decay in the following ways.
  • They ask you about your tooth pain and sensitivity which you might have been feeling.
  • They would examine your mouth and teeth, to check if you show signs of tooth decay or have any cavities.
  • They then use their dental instruments to check for soft areas around in your mouth.
  • They might even get an X-ray of your teeth through which they can know the extent of your cavities and tooth decay.
So, if you are having toothache or feeling sensitivity around in your teeth then you should go to the dentist and check it out. To prevent tooth decay, you should go to the dentist regularly, so that if tooth decay is caught in the early stages of pre-cavity, it can be treated.


As mentioned before, visit your dentist regularly so they can identify your cavities and other dental conditions before they can cause troubling symptoms and can lead to more serious problems. The sooner you seek the help of your dentist, the better will be your chances of reversing the earliest stages of tooth decay and the prevention of its progression. Therefore, if your cavity can be treated before it starts causing you pain, then you probably won’t need extensive treatment for it. The treatment depends upon the severity of your tooth condition. Some of the treatment options of tooth decay or cavity are as follows:
  • Fluoride treatments: if you are in the beginning stages of the cavity formation then a fluoride treatment may help restore the tooth’s enamel and can sometimes reverse a cavity in the early stages. These professional fluoride treatments contain more fluoride than the amount found in tap water, toothpaste, and mouth rinses. These treatments may be liquid, gel, foam, or varnish that’s brushed onto your teeth or can be placed in a small tray that fits over your teeth.
  • Fillings: Fillings which are also known as restorations, are considered to be the main treatment option when the decay of tooth has progressed beyond the earliest stage. The fillings are made which materials such as porcelain, tooth-colored composite resins, or dental amalgam.
  • Crowns: if you have extensive decay or weakened teeth then you might need a crown. A crown is a custom-fitted covering that replaces your tooth’s entire natural crown. The dentist drills away all the decayed area around your tooth and enough of the rest of your tooth to ensure that the crown is of a good fit. These crowns are made of resin, porcelain fused to metal, gold, high strength porcelain, or other materials.
  • Root canals: When the tooth decay reaches the inner material of your tooth, then you need a root canal. The root canal treatment not only repairs but also saves a badly damaged or infected tooth instead of removing it. They removed the tooth pulp and the pulp is replaced with filling. Dentists put medication into the root canal to clear any kind of infection.
  • Tooth extractions: sometimes your tooth becomes severely damaged beyond repair, which cannot be restored, so it has to be removed. Having a tooth pulled out can leave a gap in-between your teeth. You can fill the gap by getting a bridge or a dental implant to replace the tooth.
In this way, tooth decay is diagnosed and treated by the dentist. A reminder to visit your dentist regularly to prevent tooth decay and cavities.  

How To Get Your Book Published For Free?

Do you want to know how to get your book published? Now, there are many publishing options that you can select from than before! The traditional publishing needs an actual publisher and agent — that will take time but will be one big benefit for industry connections. But, you have an option of self-publishing and get your book on Amazon tomorrow (get higher royalties!), you might find it tough to market it on your own. Continue reading How To Get Your Book Published For Free?

Surveys on Instagram Stories: what they are and how to use them

How does story survey work? You know well that these platforms are decisive for having a clear and interactive comparison with people. There is a need for discussion, and community management becomes an important session for the overall strategy. Social media marketing is about action and confrontation, not just publication of content. But they must be managed in the best way when you work on Instagram. This social network leaves us with a new combination of intercepting contacts. Today, we will discuss the stories, and here you can create narrative flows of visual storytelling. People can listen, watch, and leave coded reactions. For some time now, there is also a survey option.

What are Instagram story polls

Do you know Instagram Stories? By this name, we mean the channel parallel to the official stream of images and videos made of episodes. Just like a narrative event made up of separate but intertwined moments, the story is a flow of visual and textual content with limited time. You can add images and clips, and above these elements, add text or hashtags, geolocation, and, in fact, surveys. That is to say, widgets that allow you to express an opinion on a question you want to ask your followers on the social network. This in relation to visual content that you have published, but not necessarily, if you leave a homogeneous background in the story, you can use the question with a text without any link with photos or videos.

How to carry out a survey on Instagram

How does this solution work to interact with Instagram followers? Very simple, add a visual on the stories by tapping on your avatar and then on the sticker icon. Here you have a list of items to add to the story.

How to view the survey results

Can you see the data after sharing the question? Of course, it’s not just you. Followers can start voting and see results in real-time, but it’s clear that you have more solutions. This can be useful for studying the choices. To see the results of the survey, you need to scroll up with your finger to open the list of followers who have interacted with the poll on Instagram. What results can you get on this list? You will see how many votes each option had. This way, you compare the ratings and get more information than your audience’s tastes. Be careful; this is not forever. Just like the story, the survey and its results disappear after 24 hours. You can create surveys with emojis How does emoji polling work? Very simple, the widget activates like the previous one only that you can now give a value to the question, without choosing an option. Moving the icon to the right increases the potential of opinion. Here’s how emoji surveys work. In this case, you can see the results of the public who expressed their opinion, no longer as an option but as a level of the bar. You can decide which emoji to use to communicate with the public, and at the same time, you have the possibility to define the question behind everything. Instagram: how does the survey work? It is a tool to get closer to the audience. By planning his activity on what are the most interesting conversations. You don’t have to work at random but by focusing on already known themes, which attract comparison. Can an Instagram survey be a web marketing tool? Of course, attracting virtuous interaction is always a good way to retain followers. And this means reaching concrete goals for an Instagram strategy, do you agree?

Boost Your Productivity With Timer: 6 Reasons Why

Your alarm clock is beginning to ring at your bedside, so you set it on snooze to extend a little more sleep. And there goes the alarm again and pushes you to get up, leave, and enter the gym. You’ll get on the treadmill, set your timer to 25 minutes, and enjoy your cardio workout. Following a quick shower, you’ll make your way to the kitchen, and enjoy your boiled egg with a cup of coffee. You go to work and call an Uber. It coincides with another countdown, asking you how long the driver would take to meet you.  Before your trip begins, the device shows you the average period it takes to get to your destination. So you see why our lives are influenced by various timers in one direction or another. Sadly, the same thing is not going on while we’re at work.  That’s why we’re struggling to meet our efficiency targets. Why not use the same timer strategy at work and increase your productivity? Throughout this post, you’ll hear about six aspects that setting a timer will improve your efficiency.

1. Maintains your Commitment

Staying dedicated to a single mission seems impossible, particularly when you’re in the habit of juggling several balls at once. Setting a timer like Tomato Timer holds you dedicated to a particular mission and doesn’t let your concentration and energy slip away.  It keeps your focus since it only allows you a 5-10 minute break maximum and reminds you to get back at your work. As an outcome, you can finish the job even quicker. Using this feature of Tomato Timer can be useful for vital activities that need your full attention.  And if you don’t like the job you’re doing, setting the timer to 25 minutes will minimize the odds of switching to new activities until the present one is completed. This degree of dedication brings out the best in workers and makes you do more with less time.

2. Stays You Away from Distractions

Emails, chatting co-workers, social networking sites, telephone conversations, alerts, web surfing, and other distractions will throw you off your goal. Such disruptions are the greatest efficiency killers at work, putting a massive tooth in your efficiency.  You will hold all these triggers at bay by setting the Tomato Timer. When the clock starts running, you’re less inclined to dwell on these obstacles and more likely to remain laser-focused on the job at hand. Besides, you should also manage the temptation to search your social networking pages and stop spending time on such disturbances.

3. No to Multitasking

We’re all guilty of multitasking. If it is the essence of the job that drives one into multitasking or the relentless desire to outshine our colleagues, the effect remains the same, lower efficiency. Yeah, you’ve read that correctly. It’s one of the things you’re expected to avoid doing if you want to be successful, according to theory.  Stanford University’s work demonstrates that multitasking will reduce productivity and performance. That’s not everything, research at the University of London has presented that multitasking will harm your brain and lower your IQ. The brain is not programmed to shift between duties, and it requires a long time to move concentration from one job to another. Grab your Tomato Timer and set it. By doing that, you’re concentrating on one item at a time. This helps you to establish a special concentration that enables you to accomplish your target and keep your mind from fading.

4. Keeps your Discipline

With too many activities to be done every day, we seek to adopt Mark Zuckerberg’s “run quickly and smash things” strategy, which can succeed in certain situations but not every time.  One specific drawback of this strategy is that you wind up making a lot of chaos, and all that chaos will impede your effectiveness over time. You’re going to have a hard time locating things because of the disaster you’ve made. That would result in a lot of energy, so you could wind up losing out your everyday efficiency targets.  That’s why it’s essential to add consistency to your workday, and setting productivity timers (like Tomato Timer) is a perfect way to do it. The Tomato Timer’s feature lets you select between a short break or a long break so that you can get back on your tasks and keep on schedule.

5. Build Momentum

There are occasions in which you are not able to deliver your 100%. It typically occurs while you’re focused on an unattractive or complicated mission. A timer, specifically Tomato Timer, offers a great way to release the aggression and get it out of the way in tinier bursts.  It lets you build momentum, which would enable you to comfortably accomplish complex tasks. If you’ve reached your speed, you’ll be able to finish tasks even quicker and accomplish more with fewer resources.

6. You Can Appreciate Your Breaks More

You’re tired, and you want some break. Take a rest, but make sure you set the Tomato Timer to 25 minutes. It stops the breaks from lasting too far. Tomato Timer is for productivity because its most extended duration is up to 25 minutes only. It wants the user to not enjoy longer breaks and be more productive.  On the other side, once you realize that you have a limited time only to appreciate, you will manage the break period more wisely. As a result, you’re beginning to enjoy every minute of your break and use it on productive things.


Much as your personal life, setting a timer will even come in handy in your work life. A timer like Tomato Timer This will help you increase overall efficiency by making you remain centered and attentive on essential tasks at hand.  Setting a timer also can avoid obstacles and encourages you to accomplish something in less time. It will make your breaks more enjoyable and help you keep focused while retaining discipline.

Lullaby Tech: Devices That Improves Your Sleep

Sleep is essential for health— and also it just sounds terrific— however, apparently, a lot of us are not getting enough of it.  Regardless if it’s a blue light intake, everyday tension, or even sleeping illness, it’s common to find it challenging to relax or sleep quietly even if you want to. Fortunately, there are a number of cool sleep devices that can support you when you sleep; you want to stay alert and refreshed in the morning. We’ve named them the latest of sleep technologies, all in the expectation of ensuring you have a sleep you need.


Perspiring or shaking is one aspect that’s likely to screw with your night, but taking off your comforter will fix it instantly — no arguing with your landowner or trying to fight with the aircon sensor at night. Required. The SmartDuvet Breeze utilizes a chain of tiny air carriers to provide air that is either air-conditioned or dry while providing multi-zone power so either you or your companion can snooze peacefully in the evening. Moreover, these blankets are literally made themselves in the morning when you get up.

Dodow Sleep Machine

Feeling asleep could be the worst part; however, training yourself to fight it becomes simpler than ever. The sleep assist tool Dodow is a timer paired with a light program that teaches your body to sleep comfortably naturally. With controlled relaxation practices that slow down your metabolism and decrease your flow of consciousness. In no time, you could find yourself dozing off. Dodow believes that anyone who usually requires an hour to doze off would consume no longer than 25 hours with the machine, which would gain 100 extra hours of sleep per year.

Fitbit Watch

A smartwatch is an additional perfect method to monitor your sleep, plus it has another benefit of bringing with you anywhere. The Fitbit Versa tracks your activities 24/7 and will control your cardiac status, sleep period, and sleep degrees for days. This, too, enables you to establish sleep targets and set bedtime and wake-up notifications. It also helps you visualize all this with a convenient interface. Who needs a Tomato timer if you have an all-in-one device in your wrist.

Sleep Monitoring Mattress

Having an awareness of your sleeping patterns is the first move to getting good nights of sleep; however, when you are running for morning training, no one has time worrying about that stuff. The Withings Sleep Monitoring Pad operated by Nokia slides beneath your cushion is designed to function with you, track sleep patterns, snoring, and pulse. The associated application then packs up the Sleep Rating and personalized suggestions for improvements — it’s ready for you each morning when you get up. The mattress, too, is compatible with Amazon Alexa and can be connected to the other smart home apps, serving as a key to monitor the lights.

Circle Home

Can’t you relax while you’re browsing across your social media? You ain’t the only one. That is where the Ring steps in. This tracks the usage of devices and encourages digital health, allowing you to relax early to get you enough sleep. Moreover, with the innovations today, Circle lets users monitor our sleep patterns at specified times.

Bose Sleepbuds

Such portable earpieces are one of the top sleeping earbuds that can eliminate the disturbance so that you can get a quiet sleep. Instead of playing songs, the earbuds emit calming noises that cover up unwelcome ambient noise, allowing you not only to fall asleep but also to remain asleep. They’re very comfy, because they sit between your ears throughout your sleep, even when you are lying sideways. You can even set up alerts that only you can notice, so you won’t interrupt the person who’s sleeping beside you.

Dreem Headwear

You will want to have this advanced headband for a quiet sleep. Dreem monitors sleep by registering and evaluating brain exercise using EEG electrodes, as well as pulse and breathing. It has noises to help you get more sleep, plus it offers you a detailed summary of your sleep routines, and you’re in control of your body and your behaviors.

Philips Somneo light

It’s the typical reaction of our bodies to get up with the light, and these alerts help you do exactly that. No one likes being surprised by the deep sleep of the regular alarm clock, so watches like this are the ultimate solution. You’re not being startled out of deep sleep, which appears to make you feel tired.


Sleep is essential for our safety, both mentally and physically. Correct your both eyes with these advanced and improved devices and begin to get more sleep. These may be your new bed buddies.

7 Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can be defined as a wide range of medical procedures that restore and reshapes your body form. This term is closely related to beautification methods, but in a real sense, it includes various practical operations like burn treatment, craniofacial surgery, reconstructive surgery, and many more. No matter what, but, if you choose to undergo plastic surgery, make sure you review the risks and rewards of the surgery and choose the best plastic surgeon for the treatment. Plastic surgery offers many amazing benefits to the patients and has grown heavily in last some years. Today procedures have evolved addressing nearly any kind of aesthetic concern, creating long-lasting and natural results in most of the cases. Whereas all the surgery carries certain degree of risk, but, if you go to the experienced and best plastic surgeon, you are rest assured that your procedure is safe and successful. There’re 7 benefits of indulging in the plastic surgery treatment today.
  1. Enhanced Appearance
You expect your plastic surgery to enhance your appearance, just by addressing the specific cosmetic concerns, which keep you feeling your best. But, the benefits of the procedures go beyond improving just the appearance. The surgical treatments will help you to achieve proper balance, symmetry as well as proportion to your whole facial and body contour. The plastic surgery isn’t made to make you appear a different person. Also, it won’t make you to resemble your best friend or favorite celebrity. An idea behind the successful plastic surgery procedure is to give your own look– only better.
  1. Helps to Gain Your Self-Esteem
There are some people who are born with some birth defects such as cleft palate and have difficulty in their speech. For such reason, they may find it really tough express what they feel and want to say or teased by other kids growing up. It will affect them emotionally as well as will drive them think less about themselves or have poor self-esteem. Alternatively, burn victims & women who have done mastectomy will get affected with the conditions and may not feel very comfortable facing people. With the plastic surgery treatment, such problems will get addressed and, patients can regain their esteem.
  1. Improve your Oxygen and Breathing Flow
The patients having the deviated septum will have it fixed during the Rhinoplasty.  The deviated Septums can cause difficulty in the breathing and direct result will be excessive snoring.  When corrected, patient and patient’s spouse can experience the better night’s sleep.  Don’t we feel better with the good night’s sleep? It must be noted that most of the medical problems are directly linked to not sleeping nicely, thus allowing patient to sleep better, and catalyst to correcting better health problems, which are caused and impacted by not at all sleeping well.
  1. Ease Pain of Any Birth Defects
There’re some children born with small eyes or imperforate anus. All these conditions, when not treated will cause discomfort and pain on the patients. So, by undergoing the reconstructive surgery, kids will get spared from more suffering and pain. Breathing becomes normal and their bowel and vision movement improves.
  1. Kick Start Your Lifestyle
Benefits of the plastic surgery will include benefits to your health as one. For a few, an idea of any type of the public exercise while they are not in perfect shape is insurmountable. No matter whether it’s wearing the tight exercise clothes or feeling inappropriate, plastic surgery will help to alleviate such concerns and, kick off the journey toward improved and better health.
  1. Encourages Change
For people who undergo the weight-related surgery, motivation of keeping their weight off increases. The patients lead much healthier lives with the improved diets and exercise. And this impulse for staying healthier might be true of patients because plastic surgery results are best for the patients who eat and exercise well. The healthier lifestyle certainly is the benefit for anybody since it improves the life quality and expectancy.
  1. Gives Final Touch
At times working out tirelessly might not be sufficient for somebody to attain the desired results. For some who might have undergone the major transformation by the procedure like gastric bypass, and accompanied by the healthy eating and exercise, tummy tuck and body contouring treatments might be the last thing to get your body what they want. Bottom Line Suppose you choose to go for the surgery, make sure you choose the best plastic surgeon possible. Follow the preoperative & post-operative instructions. And enjoy your improved look! Article contributed by Hari babu!