Corporate secretarial services have a high significance in the business world. They play an important role in a business’ functioning and help in compliance with statutory and legal issues that ultimately form the foundation of a firm. Furthermore, these services help in reducing the administrative and geographical limitations during the incorporation of a company. Every country has its own set of predefined rules and regulations and secretarial services offer the best solution according to the law prevailing in a particular country. 

Company Secretarial Services excel in handling all types of companies and giving them the solution that also enables firms to take important management decisions. Particularly for Private Companies, using a company’s secretarial services could be beneficial as it lets the directors of the company focus on important matters. 

Importance of Secretary Services for a Company

Following are the responsibilities of Secretary Services that benefit companies in many ways. 


It is a document that determines who owns a firm. The document registers all the members of a company. Secretary Services help in keeping the record of these crucial documents and keep on updating them whenever required. 

Company Law

The company’s secretary services give advice on matters that requires the fulfilment of the Company Law. Without following this law, all the actions taken by a company will be considered illegal. 

Effective Governance

Companies or agencies providing secretary services make sure that all the directors’ decisions and their relation with the shareholders are established on legal grounds and that there is nothing irregular or illegal about it. 

Maintaining Records

While in the case of small businesses, keeping company records might sound like a vague idea, but it’s not the same in the case of large scale businesses. Company Secretary Services help in creating company records that include some crucial information regarding the company’s day to day functioning. 

Ensures Smooth Running

Company Secretary Services help in maintaining a balance in a company. These services keep a strict check on the internal matters of the company and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Managing Annual General Meetings

AGM is organized by the companies to inform their shareholders and stakeholders about the major changes made in the company, decisions to be taken, and the profit/loss in a year. Secretary Services include managing AGMs in a much more organized manner and handling the meetings effectively. 

Decision Making

Company Secretary Services also help the executive level of the company to take some major decisions related to the company. They help in giving advice on recruitment matters and on other decisions that are growth-oriented. 

Conclusion You will find many agencies and companies that offer corporate secretarial services Singapore. But, most of them are unable to offer a satisfactory set of services that can have an impact on a company’s functioning. 3E Accounting is a company that helps international businesses in company incorporation in Singapore. Apart from incorporating services, the 3E Accounting firm also provides cost-effective as well as satisfactory secretary services to the companies.

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