Cryptocurrency is basically similar to e-money like PayPal and Web Money which implies that they face the same problems as the structures of typical e-payment. However, the operating principles particular to cryptocurrency make difficulties more expected to arise. While it provides several social benefits to its users, they are also used by cyber crooks on the Deep Web. The risk of theft exists when you are not using a trusted service like Coinbase and manage your own wallet. With CLVA cryptocurrency, you can find out how to earn up to 11% compound interest every day with. Bryan Legend has launched this cryptocurrency in the industry.

About CLVA

CLVA uses the CLEVER DeFi protocol with the launch of its advanced program that is famous for “Will you take the 888-cycle challenge”. This program offers several guaranteed models of interest that enables people to earn compound interest paid fortnightly to all CLVA Token holders.

By placing CLVA token holders, it is achieved on a pre-programmed routine cycle schedule over 888 fortnightly cycles that takes several years for its completion. CLVA is awarded to token holders every 14 days newly minted. It receives up to 11% compound interest paid within the cycles fortnightly.

In the 1st year, CLVA provides impressive interest yield. Users who have hold their tokens for a year will be able to earn about 307% interest on their profile at the end of the 1st year.

It offers advantages of the traditional bank without the friction of traditional financial institutions. This is a platform that is easy to access for all users. Users receive maximum interest payments without hassle. 

Moreover, to get the benefits of CLVA Tokenand maximum rates, you need to have these CLVA tokens by only need to hold them. Some of the important benefits of using CLVA are:

  • Pay interest weekly
  • Compound interest
  • High interest yield
  • No fees
  • No contracts
  • Flexible terms


It is a DEFI protocol that is aimed to revolutionize the modern yield farming procedure and it seeks to pay reasonable interest rates than other protocols in the industry. It is developed on Ethereum and it possesses all the secured and immutable qualities of Ethereum.

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