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While No Paul George, Victor Oladipo Should Be Given A Chance with the Indiana Pacers

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Victor Oladipo is going back to where it all started. Playing collegiate ball at Indiana University, he now finds himself as a member of the Indiana Pacers. Unfortunately, his return won’t be smooth sailing.

Oladipo, who was traded last season from the Orlando Magic to the Oklahoma City Thunder, was part of a deal that sent Pacers superstar, Paul George, to OKC. The reaction to the trade has been lukewarm. As a result, Oladipo will arrive in Indiana with a lot of negative press.

It’s no secret that Paul George wanted to leave Indiana. Some believe that the Pacers could have gotten more than Oladipo and second-year big man, Damontis Sabonis. Although, this is the reality for Pacers fans. And quite honestly, Oladipo isn’t that bad of an addition.

While no Paul George, Oladipo can more than hold his own on the basketball court. As the 2nd overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, he’s definitely got the pedigree of an NBA All-star, it just hasn’t come to fruition.

Oladipo has shown much promise during his four-year career in the NBA. In three seasons with Orlando, Oladipo averaged 15.9 points per game, with a 17. 9 average during the 2014-15 season. Not All-NBA numbers by any means, he’s still a worthwhile addition to any roster.

I suppose the big question is, “Can Victor Oladipo breakout in Indiana and earn himself All-Star bids?” It’s entirely possible.

On Indiana, Oladipo is the main scorer. There aren’t going to be many nights when the ball isn’t in his hands for the key shots. Unlike OKC where Russell Westbrook was the main attraction, Oladipo has the Indiana Pacers role locked down.

Considering his time in Orlando was at the beginning of his career, there has definitely been a maturation process since that time. Also, being so close to his college basketball home, Oladipo will no doubt feel a little more comfortable in a familiar place.

Some say Indiana didn’t get enough back for Paul George, and that may very well be the case. However, let’s give Oladipo some time before we completely blow him off. It’s not fair to him to come into Indiana and be ridiculed because he’s not Paul George.

At the end of the day, this is what Indiana got back for PG13. It might not be what fans expected, but Victor Oladipo has a chance to prove he’s every bit as good as the former Pacers All-star.

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