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South Florida Bulls Preview
University of South Florida Bulls
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American Athletic Conference Preview: South Florida Bulls

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Part 10 is the University of South Florida. It’s another school that got a new coach when Willie Taggart went to Oregon, they knew they had to make a splash so they went out and got Charlie Strong. South Florida had a dream season last year thanks to QB Quinton Flowers and RB Marlon Mack.  This season they have no Mack but Flowers is back and looks poised to give USF a big run.  Their schedule is very weak this year and the East Division will most likely be decided on BLACK (UCF fans know what I did there) Friday.

Best Case Scenario- They open against two cupcakes with San Jose State and Stonybrook they should win those games rather handily then move on to a matchup at UConn. Which will move them to 3-0, to wrap up the month of September they will have Illinois, Temple and ECU. All 3 are winnable games for USF and they will so now they start 6-0 and will have 3 games in October UMass, Tulane, and Cincinnati. With only the Tulane game being on the road. I believe they drop that one but win the others.  That will move them to 8-1, November is the tough part of their schedule as they have home games against Houston and Tulsa and a road game in the Bounce House in Orlando. I think they drop 2 out of 3 of them even in the best case scenario as they are all tough games. So that leaves them at  9-3. The Loss to UCF gives UCF the East division crown.

Worst Case Scenario- They still start the season off 2-0 as they play legitimate cupcake games. They travel to UConn and take an early season road loss as UConn pulls off the upset. They then proceed to lose to Illinois and Temple before winning against ECU. that leaves them sitting at 3-3 through 6 games. They beat UMass and Cincinnati still losing to Tulane in a road game. That gets them to 5-4 they now have 3 games left and I believe they finish 7-5 in the worst case scenario still losing BLACK Friday to the Knights.

What needs to happen for Best Case Scenario to play out. The receivers will have to step up and give them more. If they can do that it will give Quinton Flowers more weapons. The defense will need to do 3 things to be successful, Hit, Stop the Run and get off the field on 3rd downs. In addition to being better on Defense, they will need to stop committing penalties in order to get better and this year win the Conference Title.

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  1. You are a homer…USF losing to Tulane? Do you even watch college football? UCF better find a QB before we play them or they will get handled again.

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