Indianapolis Colts trade Dwayne Allen
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Most fans, I’m sure, were surprised to hear about the Indianapolis Colts trading tight end Dwayne Allen (27 years old) and their sixth round pick to the New England Patriots. In return, the Colts are receiving the Patriots 4th round pick for the 2017 NFL draft. This deal came the day after Indianapolis resigned tight end Jack Doyle to a 3-year contract with a base salary of $19 million, plus $2 million in incentives. This puts him right at the average market value for tight end making $6.7 million per year. The question is, which player should the Indianapolis Colts have kept? Doyle or Allen? [NickPoalson] Dwayne Allen was signed to a 4 year, $29.4 million dollar contract last offseason. Many felt Allen was going to breakout last year but that certainly wasn’t the case. Allen has had injury problems throughout his career and some feel the production was simply not worth the money. Allen had 35 receptions on 52 targets, 406 yards, and 6 touchdowns in 14 games for last season. Doyle had 59 receptions on 75 targets, 584 yards, and 5 touchdowns in 16 games last season. When your highest paid tight end is out targeted and in some ways outperformed by his backup, who they signed at a cheaper price, it makes sense to let him go. [Sean2] This year’s upcoming draft is unlike many others in the past when you consider how much defensive talent is available. The Indianapolis Colts showed that they are clearly committed to building through the draft with this trade. Now that they have added a third 4th round pick, it gives them trading capabilities during draft day. Along with adding depth on the defensive side of the ball. This was a good trade and should show Colts fans that new GM Chris Ballard is trying to rebuild the Colts roster with younger talent.  

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