Do you ever wonder what it would be like to date an Instagram model? You know, the ones with incredibly gorgeous pictures that seem to create a story in your mind. They have piercing eyes that stare you down and invite you into their world. Of course, they wear sexy lingerie and possess a smile that leaves you blushing. They are women so beautiful most men think they’d never have a chance. And according to Sister Kristy — who checks all of the above boxes — these women are just like everyone else when it comes to relationships. 


Dating is difficult for many people, but Sister Kristy says being an Instagram model usually hinders her game instead of enhancing it.  Kristy says, “It’s almost an unfair advantage because my job is to post my life, so men get to know me a lot quicker than someone normally would and not in the normal ways.” She says it’s discouraging when she meets a guy on Bumble or Hinge, and they seem to hit it off chatting and getting to know one another, but the tone changes when they ask for her Instagram.


Well, in all fairness, Sister Kristy’s Instagram account would be a tad intimidating for the average man just checking out Hinge and Bumble accounts. With over 230K followers, Sister Kristy has made quite a name for herself in the industry. Kristy says some men instantly make assumptions that she’s only ‘hook up’ material and can’t take her seriously after realizing what she does for a living. And then she says she sometimes meets a guy who is respectful and curious about her business. Yet, one curiosity seems to always come up in conversation at one point or another. Sister Kristy says guys always want to know if she gets a lot of d*** pics. Thinking this question never loses its humor, Sister Kristy replies, “Come on, you guys gotta quit asking. You already know the answer!”


In a business where her life is exposed for everyone to see, Sister Kristy says dating is one aspect of her life that will not be an ‘open book’ online. “If I’m dating a man, I’ll never post pics with him. That’s a side of me my followers really don’t get to see. Men don’t want to see me with other men! That’s why I don’t ever mention much about my dating life.”  Explaining further, Sister Kristy adds that men like looking at pretty girls, and they don’t want to feel threatened. By keeping her dating life private, she creates more intrigue and makes room for a little hope that maybe one day one of her followers can take her on a date.


Being an intelligent, confident businesswoman, Sister Kristy knows what she’s looking for in a partner. She says, “What I look for in a man is someone who is very secure in himself and knows what he wants. Whether he wants a monogamous relationship, or if he just wants something more casual, you have to know what you’re looking for, so you don’t hurt the other person.” Sister Kristy also adds that she is very ambitious and always goes after what she wants. She says she needs a partner with similar motivation and drive.


Because she is successful, she also looks for someone with a good career. She enjoys some of the finer things and wants a man who does the same. And although Kristy does not have a set ‘type’ that a man has to fit, she does have some specific details she likes. “A huge way to impress me is being nice to anyone we come across. I love a man who’s friendly to everyone around us, like a server or even just if someone says a nice comment on the street and he says something nice back or can make a joke or whatever. I love it when someone isn’t stuck up and can be friendly to everyone around him.” 


Beyond a confident and amiable personality, Sister Kristy says she is a “pretty curvy girl and always wears Louboutins” and thinks an “extra manly man” maybe with a beard or a little scruff is super sexy. And even though she is successful and independent, Sister Kristy still prefers a man who takes charge by making dinner reservations and picking her up for the date. 


Looking at Sister Kristy’s impressive array of pictures on her Instagram account might have some men making false assumptions about her life. But, behind the pictures and the fame, Sister Kristy is a woman who wants people to know she’s not that different from everyone else. But any man who wants to date her must be up for the challenges of dating an Instagram model. The weak and insecure need not apply.


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