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Interior Design Inspiration: Color in Nature 2019

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The trends within interior design change from year to year, even becoming unrecognizable from one season to the next. Since home interiors do look appealing when revamped according to different inspirations, it’s logical to stick with one versatile theme that one may tweak according to the latest trends.

Want to know what’s trending in 2019?

Interestingly, interior designing has taken on a more environmental tone this year. We can see such environmental trends mostly in warm colors, earthen luxury, and anything to do with nature. You may achieve this by investing in materials that are either found in nature or mimic their look. These include natural wood, pebbles, marble, granite, and many other options. Using such materials will also give a unique style to the overall ambiance of your home.

How about using handcrafted or recycled items to make your interiors look more environmentally friendly? The options are endless!

Below are some general ideas that can help your home emulate the current interior trends this year. You don’t have to change up the look of the entire house, but a few touches here and there could be all you need for a completely new look:

A Natural Green

Last year, many forecasters of interior design predicted that greenery accents, green accessories, and plants will be among the favored trends for a few years. That said, you can use textured plants and succulents to jazz up any boring corners or walls.

Don’t have a green thumb, or have too many allergies? Opt for those trendy banana leaf accents in your home décor for a green theme in either case! Pillowcases, tablecloths, and even wallpapers with greenery-themed patterns could help make your rooms bold and tropical without the hassle of maintaining real plants. Fake plants might also be an option, but they won’t be an eco-friendly option.

At the same time, you might want to go for a solid forest green shade in the bedroom. This will ensure that the room stays elegant and a bit on the grand side. Earthy greens will evoke a bold, impactful effect. You’ll be able to experience what it’s like to live right inside nature while still retaining an opulent feeling. Forest colors also pair well with several other shades, which is yet another upside.



Hazelnut comes in several warm, creamy shades, all perfect for complementing your existing furniture. They present an inviting effect that will make a comforting home without compromising on elegance. You can use this on any dark spaces or for catching more light and helping rooms appear bigger.

Love vinyl flooring and that too in a beautiful hazelnut shade? If this is what you’ve planned for your kitchen floor, you can complement it with white kitchen cabinets. All you need to do is go here and buy one.

Clay Interiors

For a dramatic, eye-catching shade, clay interiors might be the best bet for a bedroom with depth. It’s a choice that will bring vibrancy to any room, bringing your furniture and design together in perfect earthiness.

Gray Green

Gray-greenish shades may not work for everyone, but one might consider them for rooms they relax in. Bedrooms are the most common canvas here, as the gray-green color gives a relaxing yet a slightly masculine touch. As the bedroom is where both men and women come to wind down, it’s useful to have such a color that can cater to all kinds of taste.

Getting Closer To Nature

Once you pair earthy tones with light wood and white textures, the resulting effect will be both attractive and calming. You may also want to use cinnamon shades or light natural colors. Whatever combination you end up choosing, these interior designing trends are sure to give any room a timeless aesthetic, while still being a modern and versatile choice.

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