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Great Communicators: How to Connect with Your Employees

In this day and age, it pays to be loyal to your employees. Turnover rates are rapidly rising, and it’s no longer common for employees to stick with a single company for decades or more. Employees are jumping from employer to employer in as little as two years (or less!) and it’s officially a war to find the best talent. How can you connect with your employees in a way
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Hints for Choosing the Best Decision-Making Strategy

Whether you run a small business or a big company, and whether you are expanding or stagnating, you have to make quick decisions. You can’t allow being surprised by unintended consequences. You always need to be prepared for any unexpected situation, so you can react and find the best possible solution. However, the decision-making process has to be thorough and carefully planned. You need to follow all the necessary steps
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Latest Jewelry Fashion Ideas and How to Match Them with Outfits

More often than not, it’s the accessories that make the whole outfit and style. That said, there are plenty of interesting ways to spice up your clothes and fashion with fashionable jewelry. Sometimes, dainty and delicate pieces work the best against the fabric while other times, striking statement pieces look absolutely stunning when matched with certain clothes and colors. After all, even the plainest outfit can turn into runway quality

Wellness: Smart ways to lower your stress level and sleep better

Stress has become the No 1 health enemy these days. Unfortunately, with every task and responsibility, stress seems to follow. But, feelings of stress and anxiety are not only bad for your overall mood and motivation, but your physical and mental health as well. Not to mention that heightened cortisol levels disrupt your sleep cycle, which also leads to fatigue, depression, headaches and even cardiovascular problems. After all, your body

Why Plastic Surgery Shouldn’t Be Taboo Anymore

No matter how beautiful a person may be in someone’s eyes, the chances are that they believe there’s something worth changing about their looks. Most people these days feel like that. Unfortunately, the reasons behind this are usually far from healthy or logical. This is one of the main aspects of plastic surgery where taboo comes from. Indeed, it’s not that positive or empowering to have a constant need to

Spring 2019 Shoe Trends: Comfy Is Back

Wearing comfy shoes is on everyone’s to-do list, because our busy lives cannot handle blisters, loose straps, broken ankles and uncomfortable footwear. Luckily, we’re not limited to the sports section to find comfortable shoes anymore, and we can still be fashionable and comfy, because brands are getting the hint: we’re not gonna buy your uncomfortable shoes. So let’s see how these changes have shaped the upcoming spring season’s offer and
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Challenges Millennials Face Leaving Home for the First Time

Challenges Millennials Face Leaving Home for the First Time Leaving home can be a daunting time, and millennials face the same challenges that many generations before them have dealt with. Whether you are going away to school, joining the military or just moving into your first apartment in Athens, Georgia after getting a job, here are some things to consider: Your Immediate Backup is Gone Adult children sometimes mention that