Stem cell therapy has become a recent trend nowadays. Stem cell therapy is considered an effective and safe treatment because the stem cells are collected from the patient’s own body. It also saves the patients form cross-contamination and further complications. Some people may suffer some side effects of stem cell therapy. The most common side effects are pain and swelling. Pain and swelling are temporary, and they are reduced over time.

People have been using stem cell therapy for the treatment of arthritis. The risks of stem cell therapy are possibly reduced. Therefore people consider it safe rather than going through an operation.

  • There are risks when a different type of stem cell is used instead of the normal stem cell such as using pluripotent stem cell instead of using an adult stem cell.
  • It can be dangerous if the stem cells are mixed with another chemical in the laboratory.
  • The stem cells, if they are cultured instead of harvesting from the body, can impose risks to the patients.

Effectiveness of stem cell therapy in the treatment of arthritis

Some evidence suggests that stem cell therapy can be useful in the treatment of arthritis. Moreover, the risks of the tumour are also reduced. Stem cell therapy is considered to be an effective treatment for arthritis rather than going through a procedure or surgical operation.

Working of stem cell therapy

Several researchers have observed that when stem cells are applied to an arthritic joint, they might

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Develop into the required cartilage
  • Release several proteins such as cytokines and release pain.

Sometimes all of these processes work at once.

Critics versus proponents

Stem cell therapy also has proponents and critics.

Critics do not believe that stem cell therapy works.

Proponents believe that stem cell therapy gives positive results. So they are in favour of stem cell therapy.

Critics believe that there are no beneficial results of stem cell therapy, so in other words, they say that stem cell therapy is useless.

Deciding whether to have stem cell therapy or not

The results of stem cell therapy are dependent on the surgeons and the doctors that are performing surgeries. Only the professionals can decide whether you need to consider stem cell therapy for arthritic knee or joints or not.

Doctors may ask a few questions from the patients.

  • They may ask your previous experience with stem cell therapy.
  • The way stem cells are being harvested from your body.
  • The possible risks and complications.

The bottom line

Stem cell therapy is considered the safest and the most secured treatment that can be used to treat several damaged tissues, organs, and joints of the human body. Therefore the surgeons and professionals are in favour of using this therapy for an effective treatment. Stem cell therapy has been proved effective for treating arthritic joints and knees. You can have the best results from Stem Cell therapy in Mexico.

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