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You went online and found a woman who you could potentially like. You both met and then the attraction was such that you couldn’t help but engage in naughty and intimate behaviour. It was so good, that you already knew once wouldn’t be enough. But the next morning she is out the door before you fully woke up. And now you want to see her again. What can attract a woman towards you for a second date then? How do you turn a one-night thing into something that happens more than once?


  • It is important to understand that the woman is an actual person. Most men tend to forget this and decide that the plaything would love to sleep with them. Newsflash – Nope! Doesn’t work that way. Women have brains and can think, so act appropriately.


  • Ok, so now that you still want to read after the point above means you are genuinely interested in improving yourself and attracting the woman again. But for this, plan earlier. The first point is to not ghost her. Not messaging or talking after a night of sex means you are disinterested. And she doesn’t want to be your booty call that you just reach out only for sex.


  • Again, not being your booty call doesn’t mean she is asking for a wedding ring. Not at all. But it helps if you try to build a connection with the woman so sex is a little more enjoyable for her. And what way to improve connection than by some casual texts and calls at least.


  • Try making some conversation and there is no harm in getting some food. Show some interest in who she is as a person, more than just a body that you can use for your comfort. Know a little more about her, which is more than her name. Talk about her interests and little pleasures. The better you know her the better will you connect.


  • Give her a glimpse of the pleasure that she would receive. It is possible that the first time you didn’t focus much on her pleasure. You just thought of what you need. But if you want a second time, you must convey that you want to make sure that she gets pleasure too out of this arrangement.


Most women don’t get sexual pleasure from the one night stands they meet. And men, if they know that the woman is going back with them, drop most pretences and just want to get to the act. But you must remember that women like to start slow. You cannot push your penis inside a vagina the minute you close your bedroom door! There needs to be sufficient foreplay, connection and attraction for her to enjoy the act. And if she didn’t get this in the first go, then your expectation of a second act is literally zero. That is why the advice is to be nice from the beginning and have some concern for the other person. You already have a second chance if you have done the first one well. However, if you messed up the first time and you really like her, then it isn’t too late. Start being nice and follow the points mentioned above.

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