Whenever you visit a psychic, have a telephonic conversation or a psychic chat, how do you judge if the person has legitimate psychic abilities?

There are many impostors out there who use clever tricks to convince people that they are really a psychic, this is known as cold reading.

Many people visit a psychic in distress, ready to hold on to any straw of hope they get. This is where such frauds succeed in making you believe that every word they speak is true.

Out of every 4 psychics you find, only 1 has genuine abilities so you need to be very diligent when you choose to believe one. Following are some tips which will help you differentiate between a fraud psychic and a legit one.

Seek for Specific Information:

A genuine psychic will be able to give you certain specific information rather than generic statements. There are few general statements that can apply to anyone. Also, a fraud psychic may speak up about your nature projecting you as a very kind and compassionate person; you would definitely agree to that because who doesn’t like to be called those things. Make sure your psychic is not one of those who repeats such comments.

Judge if the Psychic is Seeking Information from you:

One of the methods a fraud cons you is by observing you and fishing for information. Like they notice if you are wearing a wedding ring, your body language, etc. They might ask you for your age, date of birth etc over the phone or on chat and using that information, read out the zodiac prediction from a newspaper.

Another trick which they use is by trying to twist their wrong statements right like if they say you are married and you actually are single, they might twist the statement and recover themselves by saying something like, ‘you might be single now but inside you are committed to someone deeply who exist already or is going to come really soon’.

Be Alarmed if you hear these Pick-Up lines:

There is a common trait every psychic impostor follows, narrating common pickup lines to every individual. We have listed a few below.

  • My readings have been 100% true.
  • You are deeply troubled.
  • Someone close to you will betray you.
  • If you do this procedure, your ex will definitely return.
  • Buying my crystals will solve all your issues.
  • You are under a black magic spell, only I can fix that.

And many more of such pickup lines. If the psychic is trying to sell you something, be sure it is an absolute necessity and most of the time such readers are just out there to extract more money from you.

Choose a Psychic Reader on Recommendation:

Choosing a psychic based on a recommendation is the best practice as you can trust that person. But if that is not possible then you can always go online, search for psychic readers in your area, read their reviews and make an informed choice.  Another way of finding a legit psychic is to first have a Free Psychic Chat this way you can judge and be sure that the reader is a genuine psychic.

Psychic Conclusion:

With so many distressed people out there, there are a lot of frauds who take advantage of people’s emotions by calling themselves as a genuine psychic reader. Unless you are absolutely sure about your reader, you need to watch out.

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