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Tech: Steps To Do Before Doing A Internet Speed Test!

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High internet speed is the most vital need of this time. People believe that it is better not to have the internet than having slow crawling like the internet. These days’ things work in seconds and speed slower than that is unwanted. There are some easy ways to test internet speeds. There are different software’s available in the market on the internet which will analysis internet speed,quality and take measures to improve web services. Our internet speed is dependent on some factors. Some of these factors are controllable.

Controllable factors include internet usage or a limited number of users. External factors include service providers, a package of the internet and some countries’ constraints. It is a fact that this is the internet that is making people earn and respond fast and it is internet speed which is helping people reach their goals. To some extent, one can increase its internet speed. For this one has to test its web speed. However, before doing internet speed test perform following tasks.

Regular Updating

We all know that the world is changing everyday and the world of internet is displaying this phenomenon is more consistently.  Internet service providers are striving hard to make the internet fast and providing high-end services. Update of softwares is one of these. In this update they make sure to provide best services,covering previous flaws and providing high internet speed.  So internet user should update software associated with specific hardware. Moreover one should upgrade browsers, desktops and other.

Monitor Internet Usage 

Apparently one is using the internet through one browser only. However little insight may show that there are numerous software and applications which are running in the background and need the internet continuously. These include auto-update of software, live streaming, music updates, etc. More than one smart device are using the internet at a time. All of them may have different applications running in the background. So one should make sure to cut extra usage of internet. Try some software through which on can number of internet users. One can see dramatic changes in the Internet while monitoring web traffic or internet usage.


Though this seems silly techniques, at times it actually works. Turning off the modem and let it rest for a while will surely increasing internet speed. Well if one is going to test. He or she has to restart not only his modem but also his computer or smart devices. In some cases restarting may demolish extra unwanted steps or clear anything which is causing the internet to perform well. Restarting hardware will make sure that all the devices are working well.

Clearing Cache

Some internet speed tests are done through downloading different files and judging internet speed through time taken. So when the cache is filled, then it will take extra time to upload anything there. It will apparently show lacks in speed which is obviously not true. So clearing cache will actually provide space.

Virus and Internet speed

Viruses are more destructive then one can think of. Viruses are affecting our computer in some ways. Internet speed is one of them. Some virus interferes computer applications. The web browser is one of them. Pop-ups and adware are one of these. Latest browsers include adding blockers to prevent pops ups.

So it is good to perform above mentions steps or actions before doing internet speed test. However, remember one is just showing steps to minimize extras however one may seek different speeds at different intervals. Moreover, no speed is perfect,or we may say that every task requires different speed.

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