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It’s Always Time To Rock: Then & Now Party Styles

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One thing has always been for sure: all people love a good party. And nothing has been truer for youth. Throughout the ages this has motivated kids, teens, and young people all over the world, not only to fight for their right to party, but adapt those festivities to the changing times. This group will remain to produce society’s trendsetters, and their unrivaled creativity means they had some awesome parties through the decades. And since for them it’s never too late to rock around the clock, we look back at how parties evolved and how each generation made them their own.

Nifty Fifties, Swingin’ Sixties, and Baby Boomers’ Parties

What we now consider an everyday event, was brought to life and revolutionized by the Baby Boomers. And man did those cats know how to rock! For starters, they witnessed the birth of rock’n’roll, making it what it is today. Jukebox, radio, or record player, the classic rock tunes made the playlists of any blowout. And with rock’n’roll, the parties got foot loose, taking the sound to the checkered dance floor with the boogie-woogie, twist, and jive. Once you worked up a sweat, you could enjoy for the first time a party treat hamburgers, milkshakes, and banana splits (with a cherry on top) rather than the usual boring old cake. With shorter skirts, leather jackets, outrageous do’s and hot rods, the carefree generation saw some rad parties for sure!
Then & Now Party Styles

That 70s Party – Can You Dig It?

Giving rise to Generation X, the groovy 70s parties where a glorious mish-mash of designs, styles, and over-the-top tastes. This produced some far out parties. Many Gen Xers took to the streets. Before than it was an unusual sight to see kids playing out by themselves. This new found freedom gave rise to street, and block parties, where the entire neighborhood was invited to enjoy a barbeque or cool off with a sprinkle as the decade progressed so the parties got more elaborate, and Disco hit in. Parties were an extravaganza, from the clothes, shoes and sideburns, to the lights and disco balls on the dance floor. Kids also went ahead and enjoyed roller skates, that allowed to dance. And for the first time themed parties took to the scene, with cowboys and Indians, princess parties, and TV or film inspired shindigs.
Then & Now Party Styles

Rewind It to the 80s

In terms of parties, this decade sparked extremes. The transition period between Gen Xers and Millenials, saw parties become more active and portable. Party games got a makeover with twister, nerf balls, and skateboards. This decade saw technology coming into the hands of the youth, and video games became a dominant feature of any bangin’ party. Outdoor parties also moved away from the house to the popular arcades, where kids played in ball pools, bounced on inflatable castles, or trampolines. Apart from that, high-scores were set on Pac Man, Super Mario Bros., or pinballs. The classic pop and rock, saw the rise of hip-hop and rap, and music was played for the first time on MTV or carried around with boom boxes, that played tape cassettes. And since everything was portable, the party snacks got ordered in rather than made at home.
Then & Now Party Styles

Millennials – The Next Great Generation Party

The buzz hype parties of the 90s and early 00s saw an aggressive generation taking everything from previous generations and creating crazy parties of their own. Everything was turning digital, so parties became techier than ever. CD’s replaced the cassettes, and mix CD provided a real playlist for a party. Active kids looked towards active parties. Parties started featuring active role-play games such as popular nerf gun games for smaller kids, who arranged paint-ball parties when they came of age. Video games got smaller and almost every home had a console, which became a real party treat. Store bought snacks were essential, while dancing became simpler, and only the acrobatic break dancers had the right to spread their stuff. Parties also returned home, with the house party now able to provide everything a party venue can.
Then & Now Party StylesLooking back at this brief history of parties, each generation knew how to throw a party, and with the changing times accepted the styles and fashions of their generation. This evolution brought about great times, and each one best served that generation’s needs. Now all we have to do is wait and see what the new generations will bring to the party room.

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