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Jerome Boger’s Crew Makes Major Blunder By Not Ejecting Ravens Cornerback Cary Williams


February 4, 2013

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After Ed Reed intercepted a pass that was overthrown by Colin Kaepernick directed towards Randy Moss a major mistake got made by Jerome Boger and his officiating crew. While there’s no question that the two teams deserved offsetting penalties due to the actions after the play.

There should have been at least one more penalty called on the Baltimore Ravens for unsportsmanlike conduct on Cary Williams who needed an ejection. After having his helmet ripped off in a scrum, getting up he pushes an official and it was a flagrant act.

Doesn’t matter what sport this happened in when a player blatantly makes contact it’s an automatic ejection regardless of how big the game is. Would this have been allowed in Major League Baseball? the National Basketball Association? National Hockey League? Clearly no, it wouldn’t have. This is another example of the NFL not putting its best out on the biggest stage of the season.

With him not in the lineup it would have been a big blow for the secondary as on the season he had 75 tackles, four interceptions including one returned for a touchdown and a sack. It was also fitting that after the San Francisco 49ers made a great play on a fake field goal to get the ball back, Williams nearly intercepted a pass intended for Moss.

If the Ravens are able to hold their 15 point lead he will not mind the fine handed down from commissioner Roger Goodell or the suspension and if the 49ers comeback it will be salt on the wounds.

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