Joe Mixon new allegations
Joe Mixon, Running Back, Oklahoma

The hits just keep on coming for former Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon. New reports out that suggest his aggression towards women may have started in high school. If true, this would crush the draft stock of Joe Mixon.

Mixon is skillful at running back. However, right now his off-field issues are outweighing his talent.

Issues began for Joe Mixon back in 2014. To begin with, he pled not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of “act resulting in gross injury.” This charge stemmed from Mixon hitting his girlfriend, Amelia Rae Molitor, in a café outside of the Norman, OK campus.

The results of Mixon’s actions were four broken bones in the face of Molitor. This also resulted in his suspension from the University of Oklahoma’s football team. During the one-year suspension, the Sooners excluded him from the roster and team activities.

Now, with the NFL Draft coming in a little more than a week there is a new allegation on Joe Mixon.

A father from a female friend in high school alleges that Mixon once struck his daughter. In a statement read by the lawyer from Amelia Molitor, a man by the name of Anthony Hernandez claims that Joe Mixon punched his daughter and threw her to the ground.

How will this new allegation affect the drafting of Joe Mixon? Talent alone, this kid a first-round prospect. However, if these new allegations are true teams cannot overlook them. Therefore, paying attention to the character of an individual is a must.

As a prospective NFL player, many are expecting you to have a set of values that you place in higher order. One must attempt to take the high road in all situations.

In many of my mock drafts, I had Joe Mixon going as high as the second round. Considering these new allegations, I have dropped him off boards completely.

How far do you see Joe Mixon falling? Do you think a team should take a chance on this young man? You can leave your comments below.

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**Editors note: Allegations since have been recanted!**

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