The jointer is the world’s first commercial real estate DeFi project, and it is taking decentralized finances to the next level.

The jointer’s DeFi syndication model is accessible via the MetaMask wallet because it is now available on the finance smart chain. It is a simpler and easier way to win a token at a discounted price.

The group’s total investment and investor’s position allow JNTR to provide major discounts. Furthermore, an efficient department takes care of the stamping job by comparing the stamping and the production of the coins on a regular basis. On the auction, investors can invest up to a certain limit of the investment, making it profitable for the whole group of investors. The amount of auction fluctuates up to 150% of the previous day of the investment.

Establishing the Daily Auction Goal

As discussed earlier, jointer has created the world’s first DeFi solution for commercial real estate, and it is delivering extraordinary returns. The auction fund is a decentralized evergreen fund that is controlled via voting through smart contracts. 10% of the funds go to jointer reserves, while 90% of the fund goes to the commercial real estate.

The auction session begins every day at 12 PM GMT, and the session ends at 11 AM GMT.

Daily Auction Incentives of Jointer

There is a double bonus structure in place by jointer; the design allows both small and large investors to benefit from the group and individuals bonuses equally.

On September 27, the first day of the auction, an investor invested $100, which is now worth $3,000.

  1. Group Bonus

The group bonus is an incentive given to the group of investors. In this structure, a group works together on every auction day to win a 50 percent discount on JNTR. When the group reaches the investment goal, they are eligible for a 50% discount on JNTR regardless of their investment.

  1. Individual Bonus

Individual bonuses encourage an investor to lead the daily auction, and the bonus varies from investor to investor depending on their investment compared to the entire group. The bonus varies from 10% to 50%. It means the more the investors invest as compared to a fellow investor; the more will be the reward. If two investors invest the same amount on the auction day, the rank will be awarded to the investor whose investment was first processed.

How Are These Funds Used?

Funds collected through the daily auction go to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and here are how these funds are distributed:

90% of the funds are invested in commercial real estate.

The remaining 10% of funds are transferred to the jointer liquidity reserves via a smart contract that offers unlimited liquidity and a token price floor. The jointer liquidity reserves use financially engineered layers on the UniSwap protocols.

The common practice is that the funds are distributed among the founders and shareholders, but jointer doesn’t allow this practice. The profits are reinvested in real estate and the new real estate projects. The strategy of reinvestment of gains shows the jointer’s commitment, long-term visualization, and dedication. The early investors and the teams are also getting 50% of JNTR for the next ten years.

Do you want to become an investor and wish to participate in the auction? Visit the jointer’s website:


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