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Josh Huff: What’s Next?

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The Philadelphia Eagles released Josh Huff after his Tuesday morning arrest. The team needed to take a stand and unfortunately for Huff, he became an example.

The question came up in the ensuing press conference,”What was the difference between this incident and Nigel Bradham?” Well, Bradham didn’t have marijuana for starters.

The league has a very strict policy on marijuana use and has shown no signs of changing that. Huff will most certainly face an NFL suspension. But that is the least of his worries.

Bradham was charged with a misdemeanor for forgetting his legally permitted firearm in his carry-on baggage at an airport. TSA is not New Jersey. Bradham will most likely get off with a fine for that incident.

Huff had a permit like Bradham did, but New Jersey, being the Nazi’s they are, won’t recognize a firearms permit from another state. New Jersey also rarely grants permits to normal citizens who do apply for one.

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Pennsylvania recognizes Huff’s permit from Texas and hollow point bullets are legal there. Not the case in New Jersey.

Huff told the media that it was his job to protect his family and being a professional athlete he felt he was a target. I agree with both points. The problem isn’t what Josh said, it’s that he actually said it. Most people aren’t naive enough to believe these millionaire players don’t arm themselves and their families. The problem is that Josh Huff is in hot water and needed to lay as low as possible.

Most of the media focused on the gun, I wanted to know why the heck he thought it was a good idea to smoke marijuana. Why man why? The gun was only going to get him in trouble in Jersey and New York. Most other surrounding states recognized his permit. But the marijuana is always going to get him in trouble.

Huff wanted to protect his family, I can respect that. But getting high and facing possible an NFL suspension isn’t helping your family or your team. I feel like Huff didn’t care enough about the Eagles to not smoke. So why should fans care about him?

The Eagles organization is distancing itself from Huff, he’s all on his own now. He didn’t care enough about the organization to stay out of trouble, they are returning the favor.

Let’s take a look at what Huff is facing. He has court set for November 15th at 1:30pm. Huff has charges for the illegal firearm and possession of illegal ammunition. The mandatory minimum sentence is three years in prison without parole for the weapon alone. The hollow points just add to that. I know people will say that NFL players don’t go to prison. Well, Michael Vick and Plaxico Burress say otherwise.

Burress served two years after he took a plea deal for “attempted weapons possession”  charge. The original charge was “2nd-degree criminal possession of a weapon” that carried and three and a half-year sentence.

Yes, Burress was charged in New York and Huff in Jersey, but I’m just setting precedent. Huff can very well face three years or more unless he takes a plea deal.

How is going to prison protecting your family Huff? It’s not. The Eagles and the NFL need better firearms law education for their players. If the players want to carry, explain when and where they can carry and help with the permit process.

The NFL does not allow firearms in the facilities or on the premises. So apparently Huff had his firearm in his vehicle on the way home from leaving the practice facilities, but not at the NovaCare facility. I don’t buy that.

I think Huff and other players on the Eagles and on teams around the league carry weapons in their vehicle. I don’t think players leave their gun at home because the NFL tells them they can’t have it in the parking lot.

I think the NFL needs firearms education to prevent incidents like this one with Huff. Allow players to be armed, but legally and educate players on firearms safety.

Huff’s career as an NFL player is over. He was a special team standout, but as a wide receiver, he was inconsistent and barely made the roster, to begin with. After a prison term, it will be even harder for Huff to succeed in this league.

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