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Justice League: 6 Takeaways From Comic Con Footage

Comic Con 2016 brought us our first look at the “Justice League”, which is not going to hit theaters until November 10th, 2017. But it is never too soon to have a first look at a major film like “Justice League”. The film will be a continuation of “Batman v Superman: ¬†Dawn of Justice”, and pick up where we left some of our heroes, while introducing new ones.

Batman and Wonder Woman will be on the hunt to recruit metahumans to join their team, with Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg being their three targets. The teaser trailer fans were treated to at Comic Con showed just that, with Batman going around recruiting the new members. Within the just under three minutes of footage, we can take away quite a bit about the blockbuster film.

So let’s get right to it shall we.

Aquaman is going to be a bad-ass

Aquaman is a character that many people laugh at when they hear his name. People usually snicker at the hero who can talk to fish. And then Warner Brothers cast Jason Momoa in the role. And in the little bit of footage we got of his character, he is going to be taken seriously. And he is going to kick some ass.

The character clearly cares for the people he feels he is responsible for, as he returns to feed a village every year. But when he is confronted by Bruce Wayne, he lifts him by his jacket and slams him into the wall. That was Batman he just lifted and wall slammed with ease! Now not anyone can just do that and get away with it.

It is clear Bruce Wayne left that altercation with a fear for Aquaman. While talking to Wonder Woman it is clear he left without getting the answer he wanted. And that is likely because he was intimidated by Aquaman. And you do not intimidate Batman unless you are a true bad-ass.

The mood will be much lighter, and have plenty of humor

The biggest knock on the first two films in the DC film universe was its extremely grim tone, and total lack of humor. But that appears to be changing. “Suicide Squad” is set to have its fair share of laughs, and if this teaser is any indication, so is “Justice League”.

Ben Affleck’s Batman interacting with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman seems like a solid pairing, as the two have good chemistry on-screen. And that comes from the nature feel to their conversations that are set to lead to laughs. Their interaction when discussing Aquaman’s response was entertaining, and I look forward to similar exchanges.

Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen seems set to be the films primary comedian, and that is perfect. The character is one that needs some humor, as is the case in the CW’s show about the character. The film version needs to follow suit, and based on this footage, it will.

Aquaman’s demeanor while serious is sure to clash with others, and that will definitely lead to laughter. Anytime you put a super serious character with one that is not serious at all (Aquaman meet Flash), and comedy gold is born. So “Justice League” is going to correct the mistakes made by prior DC films, I am sure of it.

Ezra Miller is going to be a great Flash

When they announced a new Flash from the one on tv I was very against it. Grant Gustin is perfect as the geeky, smart and funny Barry Allen on tv, and I wanted him to be in the movies as well. But in this footage, Ezra Miller nails everything Barry Allen should be.

The line about his “second favorite chair” is so off the wall and funny that it fits what Barry Allen embodies. The Flash has been one of my favorite heroes since I was a little boy, and one I am always interested in when he appears on screen. And Ezra Miller appears set to nail the character.

Just watch his mannerisms as he talks to Bruce Wayne. It are the small facial expressions and the way he answers Bruce that make him perfect for the role. He wants friends and clearly looks up to Batman, and does not hesitate in accepting the invite. And then in typical Flash fashion moves right on to asking if he can keep Batman’s shiny toy that was thrown at his head.

Cyborg is likely to be a bit of an afterthought

Cyborg is played by Ray Fisher, hands down the least known actor of all the major players. He also gets the least screen time in this teaser. Sure you can say it is less than three minutes of footage, and calling him an after thought is a stretch, but given what we see does support this fact.

Every team is build of components. There is the leader, which is set to be Batman from everything we have seen and know. There is the female who can kick some serious butt, which we all know goes to Wonder Woman. There is the muscle, which is going to be Aquaman. There is the comic relief/comedian, which belongs to Flash. And then there is the guy who is there just to be there, which Jeremy Renner fans know, as Hawkeye fills that role for the Avengers.

And that appears to be the role Cyborg is going to take. Then factor in we have not even touched upon Superman joining the fold. He will take his share of screen time, cutting further into that of Cyborg. Being played by such a small name actor, he will be given some cool moments, but certainly not a primary player. So Fisher will need to capitalize on those few big moments he is given, because he is clearly at the bottom of the totem pole in this group.

The soundtrack could be pretty sweet

The music they featured in the teaser was simple but effective. It showed some edge, and went along very well with the introduction of Aquaman. Given the solid beats they laid down here, it gives me hope the film can have a memorable soundtrack.

“Suicide Squad” is set to have some great music, so it would only be fitting that “Justice League” did the same. Music is a very important part to any film, and trailers that have solid music usually leads to a film that does as well. Just look at “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

So it is only a very small sample, but one that gives me some hope. We should know more once we get an official first full trailer. But the future looks bright when it comes to the soundtrack of DC movies.

The film does not need Superman

Superman is currently dead in the DC film universe. But we all know that is not going to last and he is going to show up in “Justice League”. But he was not present in this set of footage, most likely because he needs to be assumed to be dead still.

And I have to say, he was not needed here. The footage was solid without his presence. He was not a standout in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” either, as Batman and Wonder Woman stole the show there. So honestly, I do not feel he is needed. The cast of characters we saw in the teaser provide everything that is needed in a team, as explained in the previous point.

Batman is the clear leader of this team. When Superman comes back he will likely become the co-leader, ala Captain America and Iron Man. But fans want as much Batfleck as they can get, and bringing back Superman will only cut into Batman’s screen time.

And given his status as one of the top two characters in the DC cannon, he will clearly take time away from Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. I would rather see more of them, as two of the three showed some serious promise in the trailer. I am already a bigger fan of this Flash and Aquaman than this Superman, and we have seen two full films of Superman.

So while I know he is coming back, I really wish he didn’t. At least not yet. I would love to have a whole Justice League film without him, and then they could bring him aboard for number two. But that will never happen.


I am a Marvel guy, but this teaser does have me pretty excited for “Justice League”. The interactions between the characters appear to be very natural and humor is set to be there. The tone will be lighter, and that is what this film is in desperate need of. It cannot copy the Avengers completely, but it does need to learn from what made that film successful.

The film will be under heavy watch, as there are some iconic characters. This early indication is certainly a positive one. And I am making the super early prediction that Ezra Miller steals the show as Flash. Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa will not be far behind however, as they will certainly provide memorable performances. Wonder Woman is going to be given some of the best action pieces, because that is what she does best. And Cyborg and Superman will be seen as afterthoughts of the film that will certainly have people talking in 2017.

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