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With the latest Justice League trailer debuting we get a glimpse of the next big hero team up. Marvel has already enjoyed success with both The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Now it’s time for DC to step up with their latest offering. Luckily for them, Marvel is releasing a sequel to Guardians later this year as well. For DC it’s all or nothing as their films have had lukewarm success. Can the film stand up to a rival counterpart? Let’s take a look at how the two films compare based on what we’re lead to believe: The Leader: Batman v Starlord: When it comes to these two characters they couldn’t be more opposite. Batman is the cold distant hero who carefully plans out every move. Starlord is more of the fly by the seat of your pants, luck his way into victory kind of hero. The differences between the two characters set the tone for their individual movie. Guardians will be the light hearted underdogs, while Batman movies will deal with the darkness in the world. Head-to-Head, Batman would be one step ahead of Starlord. As a character and as a fan favorite: Advantage Batman. [Rick] The Heroine: Wonder Woman v Gamora: While the matchup between the two would be interesting, Wonder Woman has been around far longer. Her strength in battle and being favored by the gods give her a far larger leg up on the opposition. While Gamora herself is also a fearsome foe, Wonder Woman is a warrior beyond compare. Wonder Woman is a strong enough character to warrant her own stand alone film, something Marvel hasn’t been on board with yet. Advantage: Wonder Woman. The Brute: Aquaman v Drax: Both heroes have flashed a sense of humor in what little we’ve seen out of them. Since this is the first appearance of Aquaman on the big screen, it’s hard to know the full scope of what to expect. Drax has the size, strength and awkward humor to get over with the fans. Aquaman has never fully been embraced by fans. While Jason Momoa will bring the character into a new era of fans, he’ll have his work cut out for him. Drax has already had mild success on the big screen. Aquaman is the better of the two heroes but based on the current landscape so far, Advantage: Drax. The Comic Relief: Flash v Rocket Raccoon: Who would’ve thought, a gun-toting raccoon with anger management issues could be so funny? Rocket Raccoon has some of the best jokes in the initial film and I doubt that stops in the sequel. His humor and mischief combine to steal the show at times. On the flip side, Barry Allen’s one-liners in the teaser trailer and official trailer show a unique relationship to Batman. The Flash may very well be the character that breaks away from the “darker tone” fans haven’t received well. While Flash might have a breakout role, Rocket not only had the best jokes, he was a compliment to the other characters so well. Advantage: Rocket Raccoon. The Return: Superman v Groot: **Spoiler Alert**, kind of. If you haven’t seen Batman v Superman yet, why are you reading this? There’s no way you made it this far without knowing how the film ends. With that being said, you can all relax. Superman will be in Justice League. Throw all the fits on social media you want, he will. People have already fallen in love with the new Groot after GotG 2’s trailer. However, Superman is an icon. There’s a reason Superman isn’t in the trailer. His role is too big and his story too important to waste in a two-minute clip. Fans will laugh along with Groot, but Superman will be the game changer. Fans love him too much to give the nod to Groot. Advantage: Superman I know everyone’s on the Marvel is better than DC bandwagon. You don’t have to throw that back. However, for this year’s matchup, the swing goes to DC. Sorry, DC has stronger characters. They have better stories to work with. Combine that with the most demanding fans, and DC needs this home run. With how slow the previous movies were to develop their universe, Justice League will be the turning point for the studio. Even though Guardians has already proved to be hands down winner in the past, the scale of Justice League should put DC back on the map. Track record will have everyone disagreeing, but on an overall scale, Justice League should far surpass GotG 2. Winner: Justice League.

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