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Justice League: Maybe It’s a Parademon, Not Superman, Alfred Sees in Trailer

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It has been a great year for superhero films. First we got Logan. Then we got Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 and Wonder Woman. Those were followed by Spider-Man: Homecoming. But the best part is, we aren’t even done yet. Next up we have Thor: Ragnarok in early November. But that’s not all, as a few weeks later we will see Justice League.

There are still plenty of questions surrounding the upcoming blockbuster. Chief among them is how big of a role will one of DC’s biggest characters play in the film. I am of course talking about Superman.

The last we say Superman, he died at the hands of Doomsday in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. But his return was teased prior to the credits rolling, as we saw some dirt float over his casket. We also know for a fact that he is in fact in the film, as he appeared on a poster or two, plus he is mentioned as part of the cast.

However, he has yet to show his face in any of the film’s trailers. But, that has not stopped fans from speculating that he did have a presence in the trailer shown at Comic-Con a few weeks ago. At the very end of the trailer, Alfred is seen talking to someone off-screen as he says, “They said you’d come”. Immediately people speculated that it was, in fact, Clark Kent making his return. Before we move on, treat yourself and watch the trailer one more time below.

Alright, good to go? Perfect, let’s keep going then.

Having the mystery person be Superman would certainly make plenty of sense. He is going to need a grand re-entrance into the DCEU. It would also make sense that Warner Brothers would want to tease his return without actually showing his face, to help build some suspense. But my gut still tells me that that this mystery figure is not the Man of Steel, and is simply misdirection.

For starters, let’s take into account what Alfred says. The line “They said you’d come. Let’s hope you’re not too late”. First, the members of the League clearly knew about whoever this is. So if they all think Superman is dead, how would they know he would return? We will get back to the second part of the statement shortly.

Those who did not think it was Superman, pointed to the green light shining on Alfred’s glasses, claiming that it was actually a Green Lantern making his debut in the DCEU. And while that would be cool, I would again like to ask, how did the league know a Green Lantern would show? Maybe Bruce tries to recruit Hal Jordan in the beginning of the film? That is certainly possible. But I have another idea.

Instead of being a good guy, which is clearly what DC wants you to think, maybe it is actually one of the film’s baddies. No, I am not talking about Steppenwolf, but instead one of his minions, the parademons!

Let me start by explaining where this idea came from. Yesterday, Warner Bros. announced a bunch of Justice League products, including toys. And when looking through the pictures, something caught my eye. That would be the coloring of the parademon action figure. Despite not showing up as green in the trailers, this action figure had a very distinct green look to him.

So, this brought me back to that the green light on Alfred’s glasses. Since I am ruling out Superman for reasons explained above, and I am a little skeptical about Green Lantern showing up, why not have it be a parademon be the one that shows up and is greeted by Alfred? It would certainly be misdirection on the studios part.

Having a bunch of parademons show up would certainly be enough to make Alfred’s glass shake. But what about that “Let’s hope you’re not too late” comment? It sounds like he is talking to a good guy, no?

Well, given what we have seen from Alfred in the DCEU so far, I feel confident in saying he has a bit of a sense of humor. And it is kind of a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. So now read that line again, but this time with the idea of Alfred being sarcastic.

Maybe the parademons showed up to get a Mother Box. The Justice League may have set a trap for them, leading them to belive it would be there. But instead, it is just Alfred (and probably one or two members of the League), who are about to do something to take them out, thus destroying Steppenwolf’s army.

Can you see it now? I know I certainly can. It would be a perfect way for Warner Bros. to trick the fans with some clever editing. People want to think it’s Superman or a Green Lantern. But the reveal of the green parademon action figure should have fans reconsidering.

What do you think? Who is Alfred talking to in the Justice League trailer? Superman? Green Lantern? A parademon? Or someone else entirely? Tell us in the comments!

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