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Game of Thrones: Is Daenerys’ Dragon Viserion Set To Die?

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At the start of season seven of Game of Thrones, things were looking extremely well for Daenerys Targaryen and her team. But three episodes into the season, and the tides have turned. Cersei Lannister and her forces have taken the upper hand, eliminating a number of Dany’s supporters.

It started with Euron, who has pledged his loyalty to Cersei in hopes of becoming her King, attacking the Greyjoy fleet that was part of team Targaryen. As a result, two Sand Snakes were killed and Ellaria, the third Sand Snake and Yara were taken captive. Cersei would proceed to eliminate the Sand Snakes for good, and leave Ellaria to die in the dungeon.

Grey Worm and the Unsullied attacked Casterly Rock. While at first they seemed successful, it turned out to be a trap. The result: Grey Worm and the Unsullied are essentially trapped, and will likely die if they try to work their way across the continent. Meanwhile, Jamie and the Lannister forces were at Highgarden, where Lady Olenna was taken out.

But fans of team Dany are still not worried. While things may look bleak, they know they can still lean on one crutch. Dany has three freaking dragons!

However, I wouldn’t get too comfortable if you are banking on the dragons taking out the Lannisters without any issues. While many assume the beasts will be unbeatable, the signs point to at least one dragon going down in the coming weeks. Unfortunately for Viserion, he is likely the one to go.

So why is poor Viserion in trouble you may ask? Well let’s take a look at a few things.

For starters, Cersei has herself a weapon designed to take down a dragon. This weapon is set to launch a giant spear right through the skull of a fire breathing beast. It seems highly unlikely that the show would tease such a weapon if it were not to be put into action. And if it is put into action, my gut tells me it is going to take at least one victim.

If that is in fact the case, then we have three candidates. They would be Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion.

Drogon is the dragon the Daenerys has formed a special bond with. When she takes to the skies, it is Drogon that she will ride. So it would be a cruel twist of fate if he is the first dragon to fall. So I would have to say Drogon is safe for the time being.

Next, we have Rhaegal. Rhaegal was named after Dany’s brother Rhaegar. It just so happens that Rhaegar is the true father of Jon Snow. So, we know eventually the truth is going to come out that Jon is a Targaryen. And when that happens, he is going to need a dragon to ride. Who better than the dragon named for his father? So Rhaegal, I am pleased to say, you are safe.

That leads us to the poor Viserion. Viserion was named after Viserys, Dany’s other brother. He is also the brother who had a bowl of molten gold poured on his head, leading to the first iconic death on the show. Could that be a little foreshadowing for Viserion? I would say yes.

Viserion went out thanks to something being done to his head. So would it not be ironic to have the dragon named for him taken out with a spear to the head?

Let’s also factor in the fact that there are only two Targaryens at the moment. Only a Targaryen can ride a dragon. So unless the show decides to pull a fast one and reveal someone like Tyrion is also a Targaryen, there are only two characters capable of riding. As a result, a dragon does become expendable. That dragon can also be taken out without worrying about taking another character with it, as no one will be on their back.

When all of the puzzle pieces are put together, things are looking very gloomy for Viserion. He will be lucky to make it out of the next few episodes alive.

What do you think? Will any of the dragons bite the bullet? If so, who will it be? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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