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It’s Kevin Owens’ Time To Shine Once More In WWE


February 20, 2017

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COMMENTARY – Kudos to WWE for giving us fans exactly what we wanted. The marriage between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho is finally heading for divorce court. The current Universal Heavyweight Champion has taken a step in the right direction, walking away from his role as second fiddle to Jericho, and becoming a super heel once again.

The story line between the two Canadians has been one of the best programs Raw has put together in some time. Jericho continues to slay it in the ring and on the microphone. There are a few that are better at combining a great performance with opponents and while drawing heat from the fans.

Now, it’s Owens’ turn after a hiatus from being one of the most vicious heels in the company since his arrival on the main roster. What this does is help the former an NXT and Intercontinental champion prepare for his upcoming feud with his former best friend at Wrestlemania 33.

There is no doubt that Jericho will have a hand in the title match at Fastlane between Owens and Goldberg, which only adds fuel to this slow burning fire. There is no doubt in my mind that this could be the match of the night in Orlando.

I have said this many times and other publications that  Owens, with his combination of size, skill, and ability to work on the microphone, could be one of the most dominant wrestlers on the company roster. He proved that in programs with John Cena, Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and Roman Reigns. Now it’s time to see the dominance he once showed us reappear.


If there is any downside to this feud and the upcoming match with Goldberg, it’s how it will be booked. Goldberg has been so dominant in his matches throughout his career, which makes this difficult to put together. Because he defeated Brock Lesnar so quickly and so soundly, WWE has no choice but to make this a squash match. Anything else destroys the theory that Lesnar is the biggest and badest beast on the planet. Goldberg may have won the battle with “The Beast Incarnate”, but by staying in a match longer than two minutes Owens will have won the war.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Owens get in the ring with Lesnar at some point if WWE decides, later on, that is a direction they want to turn.

The focus now is on Kevin Owens and his rebirth as a villain, and there is no better wrestler to sell that then Jericho. The six-time world champion is famous for taking great talent and making them better. The same holds true in this situation. Fastlane may not be the best pay-per-view event leading up to Wrestlemania 33, but it will add plenty of intrigue and set the tone for a mega event in Orlando in April.

Owens does not need a title to prove his dominance once again. If rumors are true and he is joining Triple H and Samoa Joe in a mega heel stable, his role is already defined. He can go back to being one of the meanest, most vindictive and vicious products WWE can put in a wrestling ring.

That’s how it should have been all along. While the relationship between Jericho and Owens proved to be funny and worth the build, it’s time for fans to see the real Kevin Owens – the one who took down everybody in his path and proved he could lead this company by just being as bad as he can be.

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