Kings Island Coasters

I’ve recently begun to have an obsession with coasters. I remember watching all of those Travel Channel shows and saying, “I’d love to be on those rides.” Well, I’m doing just that, and visiting a lot of new parks in the process. From Kings Island to Carowinds, here are the top-five coasters I’m looking forward to riding this season.

5. The Beast
This coaster isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s rough, long, and old, but it’s a classic. Surprisingly, living in Ohio I’ve never been to Kings Island. Yet, I know one of the first rides I’ll be getting on is this awesome woodie. Many have told me night rides on this are the best, and if given the chance, I would absolutely love to give it a go.

4. Storm Chaser
The first of two RMC’s to make my top-five list, Storm Chaser just looks like my perfect coaster. I’ll be riding it on my birthday too, which makes this ride even more special. I’m just a big fan of the RMC manufacturer. I have heard so many good things, and I am gleaming with excitement to ride.

3. Banshee
Another Kings Island fixture, Banshee I’ve been told is one of the best B&M inverts in all of the world. At first, I wasn’t too thrilled about this coaster, but word of mouth told me otherwise. I’m also a sucker for cool coaster design and logos. The color scheme is on point with Banshee, as is the sign in front of the ride.

2. Goliath
My second RMC, Goliath is one of the reasons I’m going to visit Six Flags Great America. I am not too thrilled about the time of the ride, but I know it broke a few records when it opened. With an 85 degree drop and 75 MPH speed, I’m all in for a ride on this RMC classic.

1. Fury 325
I’ve been on two Giga-coasters (Millenium Force and Leviathan ). However, I’d be lying if I said I was not anticipating riding Fury 325 the most this year. I fell in love with both giga’s I rode, and most say Fury is to be the best of the bunch. The only question I have is whether I get front row or back row?

I’ll also be making my way out to Hershey Park and Kennywood this Summer. And with a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass, I’ll be making a lot of trips to my home park, Cedar Point. In addition, I also ventured to the Circus Circus Adventuredome this year and rode my current favorite coaster, El Loco.

I’ll definitely be busy visiting theme parks this upcoming year, and I’ll make sure to try experience every coaster that stands before me. Make sure to keep up with my coaster experiences on twitter @dgentleman9288

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