Kolkata the next best destination NRI's should invest in real estate in India

India is one of the 2nd most populous countries in the world and there has been a dramatic shift in population density among the top metropolitans of India when compared with the rural population. Every million of people are moving towards the cities for better prospects of jobs and standard of living.

This has been seen as one of the biggest opportunities by the real estate companies of India to move their business towards the metropolitan landscape for providing better living accommodations to this huge surge of the population moving towards metropolitans. 

Real estate has been one of the most loyal investment opportunities for people with money who have been benefitted with a high return on investments, especially the NRI’s who have ample amount of money but are short on avenues to invest it. For the NRI’s it has been a boon to invest in their motherland especially in real estate as it has been able to benefit them the most as the avenues of investment are known as well as the mindset of people.

Kolkata: The next most profitable real estate market shortly in India

Kolkata, India has been known as one of the most culturally rich heritage among all the metropolitans. Kolkata, India has a fast-developing industry as well as the IT sector among the rapid commercialization of the city with various amenities. Some of the top reasons for choosing Kolkata, India as one of the prime locations for real estate investment are:

  • The alluring prices of the real estate in Kolkata, India which cater to the needs of homebuyers from every stratum of the community. The NRI’s real estate investors should always believe in categorizing their investment in various markets and Kolkata, India is one such market which will not disappoint at all. 
  • The real investment buying to selling ratio of properties is one of the best in Kolkata, India as the raw materials for real investment as well as land is still cheaper when compared to other metropolitans. 
  • Kolkata, India’s real estate market offers a host of discounts to NRI investors which would be a very profitable deal when any investor chooses to diversify their market especially 2 BHK flats in Kolkata, India. 
  • Kolkata, India has a low price of real estate market as of yet which is fruitful for an investor as it is certain to rise shortly due to the rapid industrialization the metropolitan is going through as of now and will yield good results soon. 
  • The connectivity of metro services all across Kolkata, India up to its suburbs is one very important reason to invest in the city. Metro services and transportation is some of the very important factors which affect the price of real estate after completion. 
  • The city of Kolkata, India cannot be set as an epitome of luxury housing projects but it is always profitable for NRI investors to spread their investments among all types of properties including the mid sector properties ranging from 10-50 lakhs which are largely available 2 BHK flats in Kolkata, India. 
  • Mid-level priced properties ranging from 10-50 lakhs that are extensively available in Kolkata provide the best return on investment as they are the largest selling properties and one can earn profits in the number of properties they sell.

2 BHK flats in Kolkata, India are the largest selling flats in this city and therefore I would suggest every NRI invest in this city as it will give sure returns in the next 5 years.

I being an NRI investor in flats in Kolkata for the last 5 years has given me amazing returns. One of the prime reasons for me to invest in this city was the growth that it had been showing in the last decade. I have been living in the USA for the last 15 years and had sought to invest in 2 BHK flats in Kolkata, India as the best option for investing my money.

At first, it was quite difficult for me to contact agents and brokers or real estate contractors from the USA, while I had my work and business to attend to. For 3 years this struggle continued, until 2 years ago I realized about an amazing real estate website called the Housing.com. This website had completely allowed me to radicalize my business while staying over in the USA without the need to travel anymore. 

Housing.com is one of the most amazing websites which has hosts of features that have also provided me with the opportunity to lease out my flats for rent in Kolkata which is still unsold. Flats for rent in Kolkata, India is also one of the biggest markets for renters especially the youths and the families who have moved recently in the metropolitan.

Housing.com helped me to list all my flats for rent in Kolkata, India which were usually my 2 BHK flats in Kolkata, India which remained unsold. Housing.com will help you to find substantial buyers as well as renters for your invested 2 BHK flats in Kolkata, India

Housing.comprovides you with a host of features which will help NRI’s like us find the appropriate properties in which we can invest while sitting at the comfort of our homes. Some of the features provided by the website are:

  • RERA compliance properties are shown by the website which makes the properties safe from any kind of scam or fraud and is a very important feature for buyers and investors.
  • Housing.com will help you to choose whether you want to buy your property from the direct owner, broker or the builders directly.
  • The website also provides you with options like properties with good nightlife, transportation or commute and connectivity. This is essential as it is likely to increase the price of the property in the future.
  • It also provides you with the option to choose the face of the direction of the property as well as many other options.

Housing.com has helped me to be a real estate investor while living thousands of miles away from Kolkata, India and also kept me safe from frauds and scams.

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