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Top reasons for investing in real estate in Velachery in Chennai, India

Real estate investment in India has been on the rise since the start of the millennia and also due to the rise of the Millennials due to the rapid industrialization of the IT sector. IT sector and education for the Millennials have provided a boost to cities like that of Velachery in Chennai, India to be the heart of development in real estate. 

Chennai has been one of the most important metropolitans in Southern India before the huge rise of Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Although Chennai had its large industrial sector, it soon made up for its lack of development in the IT sector and has become one of the prominent IT hubs in Southern India after Bangalore.

This rapid development has given rise to rapid industrialization and movement of people in search of jobs towards the southernmost metropolitan in India. Chennai, India has seen rapid real estate development in the Velachery area due to the industrial and IT sector being near to the place. 

This is the right time for NRIs to invest their money in places such as Velachery in Chennai, India which is booming with real estate business due to the influx of immigrant job seekers who have arrived from other states to make a living in this city. 

Most of the residents who are willing to live in Velachery in Chennai, India are Millennials belonging to the IT industry or students of the huge educational hub that has been set up in the area. They prefer mostly house for rent in Velachery, India and therefore investment opportunities for real estate’s have been on the rise in these areas.

Some of the major reasons I, myself being an NRI invested in the house for rent in Velachery, India because of the following reasons:

  • Properties in Velachery which includes residential and commercial properties have been on the rise due to the rapid development this area has been experiencing which has been told by one of the biggest developers in Chennai BBCL Pvt. Ltd.
  • Most of the residents are IT employees or students who are never permanent residents as they keep on moving from one job to another but provide good pricing for a house for rent in Velachery, India. This good pricing helps to recover the investment cost for the property in a few years.
  • Velachery in Chennai, India is located at one of the most strategic locations which are near to the IT hub, industrial hub as well as the most reputed educational institutes in Chennai which makes your investment in a house for rent in Velachery very profitable.
  • Velachery, India has the best connectivity to all places within Chennai which is the best strategy to capitalize on a better return on investment in real estate for any house for rent in Velachery. Velachery in Chennai, India has one of the best social infrastructures development like schools and hospitals which would certainly increase the cost of a house for rent in Velachery an apt option for real estate investment as more such infrastructures are rapidly growing in the area.

Top reasons for investing in real estate in Vijaywada, India

Vijaywada, India is one of the second largest cities in the state of Andhra Pradesh, and after the partition of Telangana state, its importance has grown significantly. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in India and when the rest of India was struggling with inflation and drop in prices of the real estate market, Vijaywada, India was flourishing in growth. Every NRI investor has to divide their investments significantly among varied places of real estate growth and Vijaywada, India is one such place which has shown significant promise in real estate growth. 

Vijaywada, India has all the features required by any city to show rapid growth that is essential for real estate development, and Vijaywada, India has all starting from a rail, road, air, and river and land connectivity. It has been recognized as the business capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh due to its rapid development in IT and industrial infrastructure, which has attracted global businesses as well as the vast movement of immigrants from neighboring states to reside and showed great potential in real estate. Some of the reasons for its growth in real estate and especially investment in a house for rent in Vijaywada, India are:

  • There has been a rapid NRI investment in the area due to the demand and influx of residential property builders to support the increasing population in the area. This has shown a significant spike in demand for a house for rent in Vijaywada, India.
  • There are positive government sanctions setups to remove corrupt investors and support legal NRI investors who are willing to invest in a house for rent in Vijaywada, India as well as for sale.
  • The announcements of projects like IT Park, Software Park and township will provide the significant boost required for the real estate development and will increase the demand for a house for rent in Vijaywada, India at a rapid pace. 

The most important part of all this real estate investment was, which is a premier website used by me for investing in places like a house for rent in Velachery in Chennai, India, and house for rent in Vijaywada, India. provided me with the opportunity to search for all the appropriate real estate investments in areas of Velachery and Vijaywada, India while residing as an NRI far away from India. also has to rent features that have helped me to rent out my properties to suitable renters directly without the involvement of any broker or in some cases with their involvement. has a host of features like:

  • Providing property locations according to best places of commute, nightlife.
  • Providing RERA compliance as a safety net in cases of being a fraud or scammed while buying property and a host of other features. has helped me to manage my own real estate business efficiently and also provides me with better localities and investment opportunities every day.

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