NXT might have found its next big star. Drew McIntyre is back in the WWE and it appears he’s there for the long haul.

There was a time when Vince McMahon regarded McIntyre as the chosen one. Nobody seemed to notice though, as fans couldn’t care less about the talented Scottish superstar. His only real relevance came from the 3MB faction, which did more harm than good.

With 3MB running mates Heath Slater and Jinder Mahl both achieving big things in the WWE recently, McIntyre will be no different. Placed on NXT, he’s going to become one of the shows top talents. A good place for McIntyre, who has worked on his craft after his WWE release.

Many associate Impact Wrestling as the minor leagues of sports entertainment. It’s a safe haven for WWE castoffs.
Lately it has been a breeding ground for talent, especially in McIntyre’s case.

Upon arriving at Impact Wrestling, McIntyre showed very little charisma in the ring and on the mic. However, Impact gave him a chance to open up his character more. He went by Drew Galloway, and formed a faction known as the Rising. It was here that we truly saw the main event status McIntyre truly possessed.

A former TNA Champion, McIntyre was one of the biggest names in the company. He proved to Vince McMahon and the WWE that they had indeed made a grave mistake letting him go. McIntyre fought his way back to WWE.

Now on NXT, McIntyre has the chance to once again be a big star. It appears that Triple H has big plans for him judging by his booking on recent NXT shows.

With a stacked lineup of superstars on the show, McIntyre will have no shortage of opportunities to showcase his talent to the WWE Universe once again.

Just imagine what McIntyre can do against the likes of Kassius Ohno, Bobby Roode, Roderick Strong, and Sanity. Back at Impact Wrestling, McIntyre was facing off against less than superior talent, as was the case with Roode and Eric Young. No offense to McIntyre’s previous employer, but Bobby Lashley isn’t exactly top-tier.

It sucks that the McIntyre gimmick we saw at Impact won’t be making its return in WWE. He seemed to really connect with the fans. We’ve seen that
McIntyre knows how to portray a good on-screen character. It’s all up to him as to whether his new run in WWE goes smoothly.

NXT is home to some of the best emerging and indie talent in the wrestling world. This is where Drew McIntyre belongs. He was let go from WWE prematurely during his first go around but it appears this time will be different.

Over time, McIntyre might be able to capture the NXT Championship. Already over with the fans, his current run is already much better than anything from his previous tenure in WWE. If he can maintain this momentum, there is no telling what the future holds for Drew McIntyre.

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