Almost every profession out there has a club or society you can belong to if you stand out amongst the rest. We’ve been pulling for such memberships beginning in high school, through college, and now for our careers. Some groups are more substantial than others when it comes to prestige and honor. Those groups aren’t just an incredible distinction, but also a great selling point when it comes to client retention and new clients. If you’re being recognized as standing out, there’s a reason.

In order to become a part of Lawyers of Distinction you must either be nominated by a peer, or nominate yourself. Upon nomination, prospective members will go through review and vetting by the Selection Committee. Candidates who meet the criteria and pass the screening process have to have demonstrated a high degree of peer recognition as well as professional competence to be invited to become a member. Lawyers of Distinction is not related to any of the 50 State Bar Associations, the prestigious group will only invite 10% of the lawyers in any given state.

Becoming a member of Lawyers of Distinction allows you to freely use the Lawyers of Distinction logo on any of your business related letterheads, pamphlets, and mailing materials. You will also receive a plaque, which can be displayed in your office for recognition.

There are many additional benefits of becoming of a member of Lawyers of Distinction. Aside from the custom plaque and logo/trademark use, you’ll also receive a custom crustal statue (if you qualify for a distinguished member), valuable search engine optimization tools, a member directory for networking, a national press release announcing the honor, membership publication, and over $5,000 in annual discounts at multiple national vendors.

Eligibility is outlined here. Step 1 includes how to nominate yourself or a peer with a completed online application. Step 2 has to do with independent research, meaning the evaluation of professional achievement and peer recognitions. Step 3 includes the nominee’s ethics review as well as their background check, which goes back 10 years. Step 4 is the final selection process.

If you or the persons you have nominated are selected for admittance into the prestigious Lawyers of Distinction, you’ll have a choice between three different membership setups. The most basic membership costs $475 per year, the featured membership is $575 per year, and the distinguished membership (also the most chosen membership) is $775 per year.

Many lawyers who have been active member of Lawyers of Distinction rave about how smart it was to enter in as a member. They talk about how their clients comment on the beautiful plaque displayed on the shelf in their office and how it’s had a significant positive impact on their reputations as lawyers. If you want to be successful in a service business, you have to stand out amongst the rest. Being a lawyer is an especially difficult profession because you need to make your clients and potential clients trust you before they even hire you. Doing that can be tough simply on statistics and your promise. Being a part of a group that identifies you, as being one of the best in your profession is a morale booster as well as a client booster.

While you might not keep up with your resume much if you’re an established lawyer at a successful practice, or even your own practice, this award is something you should be proud of and show off. The next time someone is looking for a lawyer, they can search the membership directory or simply choose you because you rank high in ethics, professionalism, and peer recognition.

There’s no need to pay for a nomination, so feel free to nominate yourself as well as those in your office you feel deserve to be recognized.

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