Let «Feskov Clinic» help you find Asian, African, Indian and other International egg donor ethnicities

Suffering over the impossibility of becoming moms and dads is international, they have no boundaries or racial differences. The advanced reproduction techniques at Feskov Human Reproduction Group – IVF, surrogate motherhood, donation – give hope to childless families from all over the world to make their cherished dream of their baby come true. We don’t care what ethnicity the intended parents are. If it is necessary to attract a donor, we provide candidates of various phenotypes – Afro-American, Indian, Asian and others.

The nuances of finding international donors

Previously, in order to obtain genetic material from a donor of a race other than white, future parents had to make titanic efforts to find or wait a very long time for a suitable candidate. However, while egg and sperm donation is becoming more commonplace, many fertility clinics and specialist agencies have databases of candidates from different ethnic groups.

Professor Feskov’s clinic also has similar banks with verified, fully checked, healthy egg donors of different races and phenotypes, even unique ones. Our Center is located in Kharkov and Kiev, the most developed cities in terms of the number of universities. In which promising young people from Africa, India, Asia and other countries receive education. That makes it possible to find the best candidates who are ready to donate their genetic material for the benefit of others.

In addition, we have the opportunity to contact our international representations and partners in other countries in order to find the ideal donor for the family. It is clear that an exact copy of the mother will not work. But, if it has characteristic features in the form of a shade of the skin, eye and hair color, we will find a donor that best matches the patient’s appearance.

 Specificities of the selection of Afro-American donors

The Afro- American phenotype is characterized by the following physical attributes:

  • skin color from light brown to dark ash;
  • black eyes;
  • the hairline is hard, dark, curly;
  • thick lips;
  • not wide cheekbones, etc.

It would not be superfluous to mention that our specialists select candidates who come from the same region (Central, North or South Africa, etc.) as the intended parents. In order to preserve the nuances of appearance inherent in this area.

Looking for a donor from Asia 

The phenotype from Asia is characterized by:

  • height is low or below average;
  • rounded oval of the face;
  • high cheekbones;
  • dark smooth hair;
  • black eyes with a Mongoloid cut;
  • skin color from light to light brown, etc.

Even future parents belonging to a rare phenotype (Vietnam, Philippines) will receive their donor. Since we already had similar precedents.

How to find an Indian donor? 

A married couple, in which the future mother is from India, will also not be left without a couple of candidates. Typical Indians come with:

  • skin of light, pale and even dark shade;
  • dark almond-shaped eyes;
  • black straight hair;
  • small in stature.

If the future parents adhere to an ancient Indian caste system, they may want a donor from a particular caste. Our experts will help you understand this issue as well. Since in the donor’s questionnaire with a photo, all the main characteristics of appearance, hobbies, education, interests and other important details for the intended parents are indicated.


At the beginning of the process, the future parents should get an initial consultation at our Center. To better understand the needs and desires of patients by our specialists. In Feskov Human Reproduction Group, for the comfort of patients, you can use an exclusive service – a personal acquaintance with the donor, on condition of anonymity. To make a personal impression about a person, make sure that you have made the right choice. And a genetic screening of the embryo, which is included in all reproductive packages, guarantees the birth of a normal baby, without pathologies.

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