A safety induction video is published to welcome new staff of the organization and to make them get familiar with the work culture, responsibilities, other employees and the process, procedures, rules and regulations that they are supposed to follow. A helpful site safety induction video might consist of information about fieldwork safety, general safety and laboratory safety measures.

Reasons Why You Should Include Them in Your Website:

It is very important for any organization to provide safety to their employees. Especially in places and firms where the workers are prone to injuries, it becomes must have a helpful site safety induction video.

Training is an important part of the safety program of any organization that is needed to be reviewed and keep updated about. A helpful site safety induction video can help the employee and the company in the following ways:

  • It will promote quite a safe environment to work for all the staff.
  • It makes the employees understand the behavior as well as the values of the workplace.
  • Train the employee techniques of handling of machines and equipment in a proper manner.
  • Understanding the critical rules and regulations of the organizations and many government rules.
  • Inclusion of information about the proper first aids and other knowledge on emergency procedures, evacuation instructions, emergency exits, and other necessary points.

Basic Points That Every Video Must Consist of:

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Induction training is a must thing to provide to the employees, the trainees as well as the contractors and the workers and all other people who are included in the work experience. Few very common topics that every helpful site safety induction video should contain are:

  • The risk and hazards that can occur in the workplace.
  • Training of any special equipment that is needed for safety.
  • Procedures for reporting of accidents.
  • Emergency contacts and first aid information.
  • Welfare facility of the location.
  • The limitations of the work area.

The Legal Requirements of Putting Up Induction Video:

Safety induction training is a legal procedure under health and safety legislation that every organization must provide to its employees. It not only includes the Management of health and safety within the workplace but also covers the manual handling regulations. It is mandatory for employers to provide the employees without asking for any added expenses.

There are certain things that the organization should consider while making a helpful site safety induction video these include:

  • The assessments of risks and its consequences.
  • A part containing safety and healthy audit.
  • Information about legal regulations
  • Infographics and generating revenue through a high-quality production process helps in building a better negotiable venture when it comes to an understanding of the videos.

Ways to Attract Employees to See the Video: 

A helpful site safety induction video can’t be made attractive without adding up some of the below-mentioned points:

  • An outstanding video integration process with site optimization and proper editing can lead to better revenues. along with that, this might be informative in terms of assessing future predictions about company tie-ups. There are different staff involved in the workplace. It is always better to use simple language to convey your message and share your ideas so that it can be clear to every single person
  • Knowing exactly your goals and communicating accordingly will make you give the best result to your employees.
  • Your videos should be interesting, creative and unique. If it is like this, then it can cater to the needs of numerous customers.

Hence, from the aforesaid points, it is quite evident that such kinds of videos will not only help the business to increase its good will but also in discharging its corporate social responsibilities.

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