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Liberty Lad’s Conservative Corner Episode 23: Road to 270

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In today’s episode, Liberty Lad breaks down the updated Electoral College predictions by RealClearPolitics.com, and commends Donald Trump on some of the good, substantive actions he’s done over the last week.

With Donald Trump’s terrible week of campaigning behind him, it is great to see that he is focusing more on the issues at hand then anything else. Working closely with the Republican establishment, the likes of John McCain, Speaker Paul Ryan, and diligently following the orders of Reince Priebus, Donald Trump seems to be rather conciliatory in his recent campaign actions. The sad truth, however, is that for Trump, or any Republican candidate to win, he needs the backing of the RNC and the GOP establishment, regardless of how broken their promises to the American people have been.

In my opinion, Trump’s next priority should definitely be to secure the endorsement of John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio because Ohio is a key battleground state for the Trump campaign. With Kasich’s support and access to his immensely talented political machine, Trump can make Ohio a lot more winnable.

Pennsylvania is now put in play by the Trump campaign and that is great news. A leftist-leaning state, Pennsylvania also has many social conservatives that work in the energy industry (fracking), and with the right message of free market capitalism and energy independence, Trump has a good chance of getting their support.

Finally, we would like to remind the American people of Hillary Clinton’s chronic lying tendencies: they’re actually really impressive.

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