Celebrities develop all kinds of habits during different stages of their lives, and not all of them can be called excellent lifestyle choices either!

This is why it’s always good to see a beloved celeb light up a TFV8 or two than to read about them getting busted for drunk driving. It’s great that a lot of these famous men and women are actually picking up on vaping, either to get a hold on their smoking habits or simply because they love the lifestyle.

On that note, let’s now check out some of our favorite vapers, who also happen to be extremely popular celebrities.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry turned a lot of heads last year at the Golden Globes, and not all of that attention was solely because of how pretty she looked! It was also due to the comfort zone and intimacy that she seemed to be sharing with Orlando Bloom at the award ceremony.

The two could be seen whispering into each other’s ears and having a great time while sharing a vape pen, giving journalists all around enough reason to rightly suspect a budding affair. While we all know how that affair ended, the vape pen which they shared at the occasion gave us an idea about her fondness for vaping; something that Perry has been seen doing multiple times ever since.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is one of the most controversial celebrities alive today and his controversies range from satyriasis to… umm… even more sexual issues!

Nevertheless, it’s hard not to like Sheen for his sheer carefree lifestyle and the excellent performances that he gave at the sets of Two and a Half Men for years at an end. He used to get into a lot of trouble on set because of his smoking problem, but apparently, he found a solution in the form of vaping and has reportedly stuck to that solution ever since.

In fact, Sheen likes vaping so much that he actually took it to the next level and now has an e-cig company of his own.

Paris Hilton

If there was ever a list of multitalented celebrities in America, Paris Hilton would be near the top of that list as she can apparently do it all from modeling and acting to singing and running a business.

Widely known for her wild partying habits, Hilton in her early days would often be pictured with a cigarette in her hands, taking a puff every now and then. However, things have changed dramatically because Hilton can nowadays only be seen with an e-cigarette in her hands.

It is suspected that she might have only picked the hobby up to set the trend like she often does, but now she genuinely likes it.

Katherine Heigl

This 38-year old model turned actress is still going strong (possibly stronger than ever!) with her former show, Grey’s Anatomy continuing to be a success on the small screen. Keigl is not just another celebrity who vapes, she was one of the first celebrities to be seen with an e-cig in her hands.

Back in 2010, Katherine Heigl actually went on the David Letterman Show and made the host take a puff of her e-cig on live television. On top of that, the actress continued to vape on live television throughout the show and even admitted how her commitment to quit smoking was made possible because she took up vaping instead.

If we were to name just one favorite celebrity who gives vaping a good name, it would be, without a doubt, Katherine Heigl.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is infamous for her multiple misadventures, which could together make a list long enough to match or even surpass her career as an actress and a singer. Nevertheless, when she was admitted to hospital in 2012 with severe respiratory complications, she made one good decision afterwards by completely switching to vaping. She has since been seen on innumerable occasions with e-cigs and vape pens.

We hope that Lohan is sticking to those for her own good.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of other celebrities who vape on a regular basis and they are absolutely open about it. Leonardo DiCaprio, Natasha Lyonnne, Tom Petty, Jack Nicholson, Cheryl Cole, Robert Pattinson and many others would make this list if we had room to include them. The point is that while celebrities don’t often make the best choices, they probably make more of them than we give them credit for.

To see some of our favorite stars taking that step to join the vaping community is always good to see and report.

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