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Traveling is always enjoyable, regardless of where you wish to visit. However, if you misplace or lose some of your belongings during the trip, it can ruin the entire experience. The truth is that you can never know the person you’ll run into or how secure a location is until you get there. For enjoyable travel, it is necessary to safeguard your bags. Despite the truth about luggage locks not being theft-proof, it is always preferable to be precautious. As a result, you must have baggage locks to secure your belongings from peeping toms and robbers. Bag locks have significantly advanced in recent years, with a wide range of high-quality locks on the market.

Below are some of the TSA-approved locks that will keep your valuables safe throughout your journey.

TSA-Approved Locks

TSA-approved lock is a type of lock that the Transportation Security Administration has approved. The TSA’s minimal security features and standards have been met by these locks. The Travel Sentry emblem appears on all locks approved by the TSA. Travel Sentry is the organization in charge of overseeing the manufacturing and certification of luggage locks.

1.    Tarriss Lock

Tarriss’ lock is among the finest TSA-approved locks available. The set constitutes two flexible cable locks and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The TSA recognizes and approves these locks throughout the United States. As a result, your bags can get searched without having to worry about lock damage. While the lock keeps your baggage secure from robbers, the search notification feature keeps you informed every time your luggage is electronically inspected.


  • A lifetime guarantee and 100% satisfaction provide much-needed satisfaction of knowing that your baggage is secure from robbers.
  • Durable, robust, and dependable: constructed with a strong zinc alloy for unrivaled security.
  • 3-dial pin combination: For enhanced baggage security, you can enter a three-digit combination passcode. Anyone can read the codes because they are prominent and visible.
  • Flexible cable: makes winding through your bag zippers a breeze.
  • Search notification: This feature notifies you whenever your baggage is electronically searched.

2.    Black 4Pack

These locks are constructed with zinc alloy solid and solid steel for the shackles. It consists of a set of four locks and keys that can unlock all four. These are some of the best locks approved by the TSA that may be used on baggage, handbags, laptop bags, gym lockers, and wheeled backpacks. If an operator unlocks one of these locks, they have to lock it again to retrieve the key, remarkable, right? This feature prevents your baggage from being left unlocked.


  • TSA approved: These locks are built using robust materials, that is, on both the shackles and the body. The combination of these features and the innovative internal mechanisms renders the locks highly durable.
  • The technology employs an advanced dimple key plus reinforced steel tumbler system, which provides greater security than older systems.
  • Always relocked: Because you must relock it to retrieve the key, it saves you from leaving the lock unlocked.
  • Various applications: the locks are highly adaptable, which means they may be used to secure items other than baggage and suitcases.


3.    4 Digit Combination Lock

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This set of four locks is perfect for family travel. These baggage locks let you create a four-digit code to secure your belongings from loss or theft while traveling. The locks have reinforced steel shackles which are difficult to break in addition to their robust zinc alloy bodies. This keeps your belongings safe during your travel, along with any airport inspections. TSA officials can readily access your bags because the locks are TSA-approved.


  • For digit code for additional security
  • Made of solid steel and zinc-iron
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • TSA approved


4.    2 Pack Locks

This is yet another collection of unique locks that is both strong and robust. If you’re going on a trip, these locks will help significantly in safeguarding your belongings. One lock or a collection of two, three, or four locks might be included in the bundle. These baggage locks are made of a durable zinc alloy, which helps to boost protection and also your calmness.


  • TSA approved unique, sleek, and robust design
  • A 3-dial code security system
  • Versatile, ideal for different applications
  • Lifetime guarantee

5.    Lumintrail Locks

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These Lumintrail baggage locks prove very useful whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally. They assist you in remaining calm by assuring you that your baggage is secure. The locks’ steel shackles and steel bodies and make them impenetrable, safeguarding your belongings from thieves. They are also versatile, meaning you can utilize them to lock your bag, cabinets, backpack, or suitcases, among other things.


  • 4-digit code security
  • Flexible steel cables
  • Made of steel material, hence durable

6.    BV TSA-Approved Locks

These travel locks are ideal for folks who enjoy traveling and want to keep their valuables safe. You will travel in comfort and style thanks to the locks. The locks provide unrivaled security with 1000 possible lock combos, allowing you to set any 3-digit code you want. BV locks are ideal for various applications, including backpacks, school lockers, and a gym. You’ll get to select three different colors based on your desires.


  • Exceptional adaptability
  • Durable, sturdy design
  • TSA-approved designs
  • Reasonably priced


Travels can get stressful when you’re continually concerned about the safety of your belongings. However, you may rest assured that your baggage is secure thanks to these excellent locks. Although they are not entirely theft-proof, they provide significant peace of mind while traveling.

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