Many people experience difficulties with cleaning most juicers. It takes time to disassemble parts of a juicer in order to scrub the sticky fiber on the cone of the juicer. It is for this reason that the Hurom’s Easy to Clean Juicer was manufactured. Many consumers eagerly awaited its release.

Hurom designed this juicer in an ideal way by replacing small strainer holes with grooved strainers.  The new grooved strainers are large and extended. Because of this, cleaning the juicer is simple. All that is needed is separating the parts of the juicer before rinsing away residual juice and fiber.  Another ideal part is the 3˚tilted juice outlet that makes it easy to pour out the juice without spilling inside the juicer.

Features of Hurom Easy to Clean Juicer

The juicer has a special design that reduces the rate of fruit and vegetable breakdown. This feature ensures that the juice remains fresh while still retaining its nutrients and natural taste. Its slow squeeze technology also preserves the freshness and taste of fruits and vegetables.

The Hurom Easy to Clean juicer is fitted with a fine and coarse strainer, allowing consumers to choose their preferred amount of pulp. Other strainers added to it are the smoothie strainer and ice cream strainer.

The material used to make the body of this juicer is strong, durable ABS plastic. The strainer and auger are also designed from heavy-duty elements giving them a longer life than traditional strainers.

It has a pulp outlet that opens 180˚. This feature makes it easier to flush out the residual pulp in the chamber.

On the power consumption, this juicer is economical. It only uses 150 watts. It is safer to use because it only operates if the chamber is tightly sealed. It has a cooling system that regulates overheating.

Cleaning of Hurom Easy to Clean Juicer

The Hurom Easy to Clean Juicer is no doubt one of the easiest juicers to clean. It takes very little effort compared to other Juicers. Cleaning involves disassembling its parts first and rinsing them under clean running water. The parts are later thoroughly cleaned using soapy water in a sink. In order to remove fibers stuck in the extended grooves of the strainer, it is advisable to use a scrub. After the cleaning, the parts of the juicer are left to dry before reassembling them.


Hurom’s Easy to Clean Juicershould be a must-have for anyone who loves fresh juice. Its strains are easy to clean compared to other juicers. The material used to make it is strong, light, and durable. Its squeeze technology preserves the natural taste of fresh juice. It uses power efficiently. The juicer is also safe to use because it doesn’t operate without sealing the chamber tightly. Hurom Easy to Clean Juicer is available at $499 and can be ordered online or bought from the nearest electronics outlet. Anyone who has been anxiously waiting for an easy to clean juicer has a reason to smile.

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