Creating the perfect environment for playing PC or video games is a top priority for enthusiastic gamers. There are several components that go into making the ideal setup to ensure you have the optimum gaming experience every time you press play. So, what does it take to create this gaming haven?

Take a look at these key aspects to include in your ultimate gaming setup:

Gamer chair

As you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting in your chair, choosing the right one is essential. Gamer chairs need to be comfortable but also quality to ensure you feel good throughout your gaming experience. There are a number of gaming chairs on the market, and many of them look like a typical office chair. However, there is also the option of a gamer bean bag, which provides a super comfy spot to enjoy hours of fun.

Gaming desk

If you’re an avid PC gamer, you’ll need a solid desk to handle your screen and hardware. This needs to be large enough for your monitor, keyboard, and accessories to fit well and have enough room for comfort when playing. Another key aspect to think about is will your chair fits comfortably underneath it. If your chair is too far away from the desk, it restricts play. The desk should also have sufficient space around it to ensure good airflow for the monitor and hardware.

Monitors or TV setup

Whether you play via a console or PC, both require adequate screens to minimize neck sand eyestrain. For PC gamers, monitors should be large enough to provide good graphics and positioned well to avoid neck or back issues. A range of adjustable monitor stands and mounts offers ample freedom to move the monitor to the best position. If you’re a console gamer, you’re likely to have it set up on your TV. While this is fine for seeing it clearly, be sure to position it well to prevent muscle strains.

Blackout curtains

Alongside having the best chair and desk set up, creating the optimum environment is key to the best experience. Blackout blinds are a great option for creating that cinematic feel. These blinds will shut out the light from outside if you’re playing during the day and prevent glare on the screen. Playing in these conditions also makes the graphics pop.

Storage options

Need some space to home all your gaming accessories? Cube storage is a great option. These handy boxes provide ample room for accessories and games and keep everything tidy when they’re not in use. These storage boxes also keep everything safe so you avoid breaking valuable equipment and hardware, which can be expensive to replace.

Gaming art prints

Your gaming room doesn’t have to be dark and dingy. So why not add a little color with some colorful gamer artwork and prints. These quirky and fun additions bring a little color to the space and add the finishing touches to your gaming haven.



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