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Living: 10 Most Useful Websites For Resume Building

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By Kenneth Waldman

Individuals seeking new employment need to have a resume. Knowing what information to include, how to properly summarize and highlight skills, and how to professionally format a resume is important.

And being able to make a one-page presentation of past experience and education stand out from the rest can be a daunting task.

Thankfully, there are many tools and online resources available to help get the job done, and get the job done well. From infographic and visual resumes, to editing and proofreading assistance, there is wide range of features accessible for jobseekers.

Review the following 10 suggestions to start creating better resumes today.

CVmaker – This free resume-creating tool allows users to input data manually or via their already updated LinkedIn profile. Users can choose from several template selection designs, and international or multi-lingual professionals can even choose from various languages. Documents can be exported in PDF, HTML or text format and their “resume tips” page is a helpful added bonus.

Plagtracker – This plagiarism checker and online resource is also a powerful editor. Users can assure their resumes are always 100% unique, as well as properly and professionally written. You don’t want to make grammar and spelling mistakes, or you chance having your resume thrown out and considered unprofessional. And their unique checking algorithm can guarantee your employment material is 100% unique.

NinjaEssays – This professional writing service offers one-on-one advice and guidance with resume writing. Their team of highly qualified writers can help with format and offer a more in-depth and personal approach in comparison to automated services. And they work on tight deadlines, charge affordable prices and give 24/7 support.

Visualize.me – Infographic resumes can be extremely effective in certain professional arenas. If you are applying for a position in graphic design or communications, consider using this resume-building resource. Users can choose from various themes, create visual experience timelines and even include pictographs and bubble charts.

Represent – This online resource has changed the game of resume building by also offering job suggestions, in addition to format and template options. Users work with an easy to navigate dashboard, attractive layouts, real-time syncing and obtain employment opportunity recommendations.

Live Career – With this tool users can register to save resumes online, and are able to edit documents at any time. There are various templates to choose from and unlike some other resume creation tools, Live Career allows users to upload previous resumes. They also offer margin and spacing editing capabilities, and users can email, print or export resumes in DOC, PDF, HTML, RTF or TXT format.

Resunate – To use Resunate you will need to create an account, however there is a free sign-up option. Paid accounts will offer additional features and after registering users can import old resumes, Linkedin profiles or start from scratch. The web-based software allows users to save for later or download to PDF format, and offers automatic evaluation and editing assistance.

ResumUP – This powerful resume source gives users stunning template options and customization features based on their skill set and professional field. They offer infographic options and the ability to apply for positions directly from the website. The templates are available for a small monthly fee, however you can boost your chances of getting a desired position up to 75%!

Resumesimo – This creative tool offers colorful and unique templates, giving users the ability to make their resumes really stand out. Users can enter in personal details manually, import Linkedin information or even update with their Facebook profile. You can download a resume in PDF format, or unlike other options, refer employers to your online resume site page.

SlashCV – This online resume tool is an easy way to create and share resumes and offers 28 different customization options. Users can drag and drop information and files to format and structure according to their personal needs, and headers can manually be added where necessary. SlashCV will also automatically save documents to DropBox, allowing easy access from any device.

These sites cannot guarantee you a wonderful and perfect new job. However, they will offer you a better chance of getting notice and remembered. Your skills and previous experience must also speak for themselves. Remember to be honest and confident when creating your resume, and be sure you take advantage of the help and resources that are available.

The first form of connection to a possible employer is your resume. So use it wisely and stop choosing basic templates offered by your word processor. These may not always be the best choice if you wish to make a significant impression. And they can also cause your resume to seem unoriginal and generic, thus having it go unnoticed.

So begin a better career path today and use what technology gives you. Go beyond the basic resume. Try some of the tools listed above and begin to create unique, attention-grabbing and modern resumes today.

Author: Kenneth Waldman is a professional content writer with over 5 years of experience and also a blog editor at AskPetersen Writing Blog. His expertise includes education, marketing, freelancing.

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