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Living: Activities Parents Struggle to Teach Kids


January 24, 2017

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By Veselina Dzhingarova

Kids are all over the place. They are full of energy and they want to do “something”, anything as long as they are able to.

Parents with young children know that it can be hard to keep them busy and out of trouble, but there is another side to giving your kids something to do that might not be that easy for parents. Teaching your kid about new activities can be as easy as playing a board game and as hard as learning to ride a bike.

These three activities can be a little bit of a challenge for parents to teach their kids.

Just Like Riding a Bike

As kids grow up, the activities they do and adventures they embark on change. Every kid goes through the blanket stage, the “doll” stage and maybe even the video game stage. Usually there is a puppy or kitty stage thrown in there as well. Shortly after one or all of those stages, comes the “I want to ride a bike” stage.

Balance is a key factor, but it can be tough to show or teach to someone that has never done it before. However, once you learn how to ride a bike, the magic of it is that you almost can never unlearn it. The phrase “just like riding a bike” comes from the fact that even after years of not riding a bike, you can jump right on one and remember how to do it.

Teaching Balance Is Not That Easy to Do

With all of the extreme sports that are out there today, it is likely that your child is going to want to pick up a skateboard, rollerblades or even a pair of roller skates. If you thought teaching a kid to ride a bike was tough, wait until this stage.

Roller skates can provide a lot of fun and excitement in the right conditions, not to mention the amount of great exercise that you can get while using them. However, the same problem remains for parents. How do you teach a child to balance on roller skates?

Big Thanks to the Internet

Back in the day, parents had to work hard to put food on the table, as well as raise children in the family. Today, some of those responsibilities are made a little easier thanks to the internet. Whether it is trying to teach your child to tie their shoes, or ride a bike, you have the option of going to the internet and looking up a video that shows you the best way to teach AND learn about the task.

If you are struggling to show your child the best way to tie shoes, ride a bike or use roller skates, take a look online and learn for yourself.

Teaching is not as easy as it seems. When you know the skills and want to transfer that knowledge to someone else, there are a lot of factors at play. Your child’s ability to understand could be what is standing between a skinned knee and a successful first bike ride.

Don’t give up, parenting is not easy, but the rewards are there!

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