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Living: The Best Spa Robes You Can Find

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There is nothing enjoyable and comfortable like a spa robe. Mostly when you are just from a hot or cold shower, relaxing around the house on weekends or when you are in a spa resort. Spa robe is one the best gifts to give to someone. Spa robes made from cotton can be used as towels after taking a shower.

The feeling that comes when you are relaxing at a spa when someone is being massaged, scrubbed or is there to enjoy a steam room is just incomparable. A spa robe makes work easier for the person attending to a client at a spa as it lets him or her access the whole body easily when massaging or when doing any other treatment to the body.

If you are looking for the best spa robe, here are some of the best robes recommended for their best quality, affordable prizes and best style and fashion;

Del Rossa Robe for Women

Del Rossa spa robe is a special robe for light weight women, it is light and soft and it is also very easy to wash keeping in mind that every client must use a clean robe every time. It has a hairy microfiber that is very soft on people. It is one of the durable robe and it comes with at least four different colours and different sizes.


-It has large pockets

-It absorbs water

-t’s very durable

-It’s comes with different colours and sizes


-It’s heavy

-Does not dry quickly

Kimono Style Spa Robe

This robe is made of pure Turkish cotton that makes it super durable. It’s not very heavy so it keeps you warm and lets you move easily at the same time. Being made of 100% cotton, it doesn’t fade easily compared to others not made of cotton.


-It is 100% cotton

-It has a special kimono collar

-It’s durable

-It has a diamond pattern


-Only for women

-Not very warm

Men Shawl Collar Robe

This is one of the best robe for men. If you are looking for a stylish and a cheaper robe mostly when you are in a sauna or a whirlpool, then this robe is the best for you.

It is made of 92% cotton and 8% spandex. It gives you a very easy time in cleaning and it covers your body slightly below your knees. So if you are that person who loves staying in your spa robes for many hours, then this robe should not miss in your wardrobe.


-Its 92% cotton

-It is affordable and stylish

-Has shawl collars and a tie like closure


-It’s only for men

-It’s heavy on the body

Premium Terry Spa Robe (Egyptian cotton)

This terry robe is made up of 100% Egyptian cotton. It has two front pockets and sleeves that are easily adjustable. It comes with different colours and sizes, it is also somehow heavy and this makes it absorbs extra moisture when someone is just from a steam room or a whirlpool.


100% Egyptian cotton

-It is unisex

-Comes with different colours and sizes

-Has two front pockets and adjustable sleeves


-It is quit heavy

-It does not absorb a lot of water


Hooded Terry Spa Robe (Turkish Cotton)

The cotton hooded terry spa robe is made of pure Turkish cotton and is directly imported from Turkey. This robes are known for their softness and durability. This robe is for medium weight people.

It has a hood that keeps your head warm and dries your pillow when you are relaxing before, during and after massage in a spa. It comes with 6 different colours and three different sizes


-it is unisex

-It’s hooded

-It’s made of 100% Turkish cotton

-Has front pockets

UGG Deluxe Spa Robe

This robe is one of the best for someone looking for comfort and value for your money. It’s made up of 94% Australian cotton which gives someone a super luxurious feel in spa. It is long so it covers almost all of your body, it also has large pockets that gives it a stylish look.

So if you are looking for luxurious, stylish and a long spa robe that covers almost all your body, then this is the best deal that deserves your money.


-has the best soft fleece

-it is long

-it has a shawl collar


-It’s only for women

-Has medium durability


Simplicity Plush Spa Robe

The simple plush kimono spa robe is the best robe you can buy when travelling to a friend’s place or when you are on a holiday. This robe has long sleeves that gives you enough space to walk comfortably.

The spa robe is recommended for people who likes travelling with robes for long distances as it gives you a luxurious feel in your journey.


-Double belt

-Eases movement

-It is unisex


Chenille Full Length Spa Robe (New York)

This robe is made from New York and it is 100% pure cotton, this makes it among the most durable and stylish spa robe available in the market. It is for medium people and it is full length thus it covers the whole body.

It also has a strong water absorbment ability. It is the best to put on around the house, when hanging on the balcony or when you are just fresh from a warm or wet shower.


-100% pure cotton

-Front pockets

– Its highly durable

-it is full length


Best Spa Robes Buying Guide

What can be more comfortable than being wrapped in a warm luxurious robe waiting for a spa services? It is the best feeling ever. Spa robes can also be best when someone is hanging around the house on indoors days or when cuddling with someone you love. It also brings the best feeling.

With the innovation and creativity of mankind, there are a myriad of spa robes with different sizes, different colours and different materials available across the globe for both men and women. Making the best selection will be determined by designs, style and quality. Others will also be keen on prize and taste and preferences.

Below buying guides will help you make the right decision by giving you all the important information that will make you get yourself a spa that will best suit your needs.

Best Spa Robe Made From Yarn, Cotton Or Acrylic

These are famously known as chenille. They are made from yarn, they are very comfortable and soft on skin. However, these spa robes need a lot of gentle care when cleaning them, these robe cannot be washed either with washing machines or with hands. It should only be strictly cleaned by a dry cleaner.

This robe should also not be hanged in the hanging line because it leaves permanent marks on this robe. So if you are looking for a comfortable and soft robe and you can take good care of it, this robe can be the best for you.

Best Spa Robe with Water Absorbent Ability

There are some spa robes that have a special ability to absorb water easily. They are to be worn mostly after taking a shower so they will be best when you are in sauna, whirlpool or in a steam room.

These spa robes can be washed easily with a dry cleaner or a washing machine just like other cotton clothes. This robe should not miss in your wardrobe as you will always need it whenever you take a hot or cold shower.

Best Spa Robe Made from Silk

These are the best luxurious robes made from pure silk. They are available in many colours and sizes, they are very elegant and very soft on the skin. These robes need some care and maintenance; it should never be cleaned in a washing machine but rather be cleaned only with a drier machine or be hand washed.

It should be hanged on the clothesline to air dry because products made from silk are the best for summers as their fabric is cool unlike the other robes that are warm.

Velvet Like Spa Robe

This is one of the most recommended spa robe for its softness and beauty. It is made from cotton materials that are very soft, this robe can be maintained so it can be washed with a washing machine or a drier. These robe should never be ironed, once ironed it will lose its softness and it will never regain it.

After you have decided on the choice of the material for a robe, next is to determine where you will be wearing your robe. There are robes that are suitable for different occasions, activities and places. There are simple spa robes that can be worn when traveling, when around the house and at a spa. Below are some of the simple spa robes suitable for different places or activities:

Simple Spa Robes

This can be differentiated from others by the length, they are quite shorter for women as they are slightly below the knee. They can be best worn by someone when just hanging around the house or after taking a shower.

This robes are made from strong water absorbent materials that makes the body dry easily. It comes with variety of colours, for men those made from Turkish cotton are the most recommended for their comfort.

The Kimono

“Kimono” is a Japanese name that is used to name a certain Japanese traditional dress, it’s made from silk materials. It gives a robe a more decent style and shape. The Japanese kimono has a knot that is usually tied at the back, but these days’ people prefer to tie it either on the sides or at the front.

The Japanese kimono has always been either beige or white, but these days it comes with a myriad of colours. There are others with single colours and others with mixed colours designed, it all depends on your taste and preferences.

However, the above are note the only factors to be considered, there are other primary factors that informs the choice of a spa robe to buy. These include the prize, quality, designed, and taste and preferences.

Right Size of a Spa Robe

The right size of a spa robe basically depends on the size and weight of an individual, but all sizes are available in all online shops. For the best size, we advise that you get one that is larger by one size your actual size because robes shrink a little bit on the first wash.

It is much easier to buy robes than other clothes, as robes are not purposely designed to fit the body to perfection. For men, the chest size, height and weight are the only basic considerations, making it so easier to get your dream robe.


Robes are making life so amazing, comfortable and very luxurious. For spas attendants, spa robes are most essential items they cannot just afford to lack. The feeling that comes when you are hanging out at the balcony, when travelling to distinguished places or when you are at a spa waiting for spa services is incomparable.

With the various choices we have given you, we believe that when you walk into a shop, you can get yourself the best robe the perfectly fits you, the best quality and that robe that you can always afford. There is absolutely no reason as to why different types of spa robes can miss your closet.

The buying guide we have given above is enough to guide you through the different types of robes according to the materials they are made of, Including Turkish cotton, Egyptian cotton, silk or yarn. All this will depend with your pocket, taste and preference.

Sizes may not necessary seem significant, but to those who loves fitting clothes, you can always get the best fitting according to your height, weight, design and style. Visit any shop near you today or any online shop and get yourself the best robe that perfectly suit your purpose.

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